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Moderators in invisible mode?

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I really hope I'm not out of line posting about this. I have noticed that some mods seem to prefer being invisible when they're on-line. Wouldn't it perhaps be better if members could easily tell exactly which mods were actually on-line in case problems started developing, or if questions came up?
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Lorie I think it really don't matter . If there is a problem would the mods not see it any way ? So I don't personaly see a problem in that .
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I don't have a problem becoming visible Lorie. You will just be seeing a lot of me from now on....as I don't turn my computer off so as to have access to Anne if need be.
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Well I think most of us mods have DLS or broadband connections. so we'd always be on even if we aren't 'here'.

I am visible, but some others are not. I don't think it matters either way, its just a personal preference. And if someone NEEDS one of us they should just shoot off a PM and most likely we will appear!!!
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Lorie, there is one advantage of having some Mods in invisible mode. If trolls or troublemakers are lurking, it's pretty easy to figure out that the Mods are in bold. So they may wait until they see that no one in Bold is online. But if they actually pay attention to who is posting, it becomes pretty obvious that you don't KNOW if a mod is online just by tracking....
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I am only invisible when I'm in a bad mood.
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Thanks, I was just wondering about this and you cleared things up for me.
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Ok then, I will go back to my cloaked postition...keeps em guessing!
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