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digging in my hair

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im just curious.

georgie has ALWAYS done this..

when i lay down to sleep at night, he starts digging or kneading in my guessing the way he did with his mother looking for milk but hes now 1.5 years old. Why does he continue to do this?

I dont mind this at fact i love it. its his nightly routine before he settles in beside me to sleep
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Midnight does that to me, and has since I adopted him 10 1/2 yrs ago. I love it, it is such a "bonding" moment. I wish some of the others did it!
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If you change your shampoo to purely organic, the cat will probably not do this anymore. Some human shampoos have animal ingredients that attract the cats.
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My Bogart has done that all his life (12-1/2 years). When my husband had a beard he used to kneed that. We assumed he had a hair fetish or something. I love it when he sleeps on my hair at night - I get lost when he doesn't show up right away.
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omg! That has to be one of the cutest cats I've ever seen
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good to know i do use organic everything so he must have a hair fettish or some yearning for the teet!
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Awww, that is soooo cute! And so's the pic!

None of ours do that to us, but I remember once one of our friends came over, and as she flipped her head down to tie her shoelaces, Mozart proceeded to do a thorough digging and search on her hair for a good 5 mins! It was a riot (not for the friend, though).
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Our Abby Rocket does that to me every night. It is sweet to know that he has decided that I am a good mommy and that is loves me enough to do that to me. Every AM (around 5 UGH!) he will come in and start kneeding my hair again then he will settle back down and drift off to sleep. It is so darn sweet. He is such a cuddle baby when he is tired. I'm really glad to know that he isn't the only cat to do this. I was beginning to wonder......
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Georgie looks so much like my Mosley that it's scary!!!! Obviously I think he's adorable!!!!
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My kitten Alley does this to me the little stinker
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Georgie is so cute!
I am pretty lazy about trimming their claws so I try to get away whenever any one of my cats go into the kneading exercise. OUCH! If I am cornered (like when they suddenly jump on your lap when you are sitting or on your chest when you are lying down) I and bear it until they are done.Phew!
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My cat has done that since the day we got her. She was a month old then. Now she is two. Glad to know my cat is not the only one and its normal
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