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Still thinking happy positive thoughts in my corner of the world. Let us know when you can?
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Just got off the phone with Dr. Heather .

I made the decition to get one of her noides removed . So I bring Ginger in on Thursday and on Friday they will do the surcery early morning .The vet also said she is positive about Ginger having canser , since all her noids are swollen . I guess Ginger is starting to get more hungry and so trying to eat the litter , thats what the vet said due to the meds she is taking . I just wish she would eat more catfood . When I see her now going to the litter I grab her and give her can food to eat , it looks like it helps . I will proberly go ahead and get her in the bedroom where I will do the catlitter box with paper for her , so she wont eat the litter any more .The vet also told me that the treatment wont be to expensive if she would have canser . Well & 300 - $ 500 dollars all together . I would be able to make payments , like I do now . I will go and do the treatments if there is a change for her to live . I would not be able to watch her die like that . I may will have a little trouble with my hubby and may will hear that the rest of my life from him . But thats ok . I love her to much and I think I could not live with myself not trying at least to save her life
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hedi, that is good news - as well as can be expected under the circumstances. It is such a hard situation to go through, and every kitty is different. Your vet sounds very good, as with us, Freddie's initial teatment for the leukemia totalled $631. We are starting the last round of antibiotics today. This lady from Canada sent me the name of something that worked well for her up there in Canada, and assuming we have access to it here in the U.S. (I do not have much faith in our FDA), we can start it today, as one last ditch effort for Freddie. Our vet, who by the stroke of luck is also Canadian, is researching it to make sure it is compatible with Freddie before she locates the medicine and gives it to us. So I am praying it is compatible and we have it here in the U.S. SHe seemed to think it was very easy to get, I just had not heard the name before myself. We are at that point where we have a fine line between Freddie fighting and Freddie suffering, so I understand when you say you can't bear to see Ginger feel this way. I want everything to be the BEST possible outcome for you! I think you are extraordinary to have so many kitties and must be a very, very special person.
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AAAWWWW Sashacat you are so nice , thank you . But I have to give the compliment to you too . You are a very special and caring person to do so much with your Freddie ((((HUGS)))).

I will keep Freddie also in my prayers that some kind of medication will work for him
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Hedi did your vet check the fluid from the swollen nodes to confirm its cancer? I'm sure she did but just wanted to ask.

I will be sending more prayers and thoughts for you and Ginger.
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Sicy , the vet told me they have to remove one nodes to send it to the lap in order to find out if Ginger got canser . I guess the fluid wont do , to bad it would be much cheaper and easy to do .

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts .
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Hugs and prayers for Ginger
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You do what you can for her. Try giving her some shredded chicken in broth to eat, or chicken or turkey baby food. Shredded cheese will work to perk up an appetite, so will catnip. Putting the food in the microwave for a short time 3-6 seconds just to warm it will also help.

Shred your newspaper before you put it in the litterbox, and just love this little girl. Before she goes in for surgery get a shirt all sweaty with your scent and stick it in a plastic bag, take it with you to the vet and ask them to put it in her cage for you.It will help to calm her down.

My heart goes out to both of you during this troubling time. I hope it is not cancer.
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Hedi you are doing the right thing - I would do the same. And like Hissy said - Love Her All You Can!!!
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AAAWWWW you are all so sweet to me . Thank you guys , you all have touched me .

I will do the t-shirt thing , I will give her the t-shirt I wear from the night befor I will sleep in . Oh I love her to peaces and she already knows that and purring up a little storm what make my heart meld . I will be going in the store in a little bit and get some baby food with out onion and garlic for her . She is eating by the way , but not much at all only teespoon wise . But at least she is eating and I am happy for that . And she is having a will to live , I can see it in her eyes . I know I am doing the right thing for her and I also have hope that it is treatable what ever she has .

Thank you all again for all your prayers and thoughts for both of us , that give me strengh .
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Hedi, best wishes with her upcoming procedure, glad to also read she's eating a bit today and showing you what she wants
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Hoping for the best for the procedure. *MANY good vibes and healing thoughts* headed her way. *Hug*.
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I went and got her some baby food and guess what , she almost ate the hole glas of chicken food .I was spoon feeding her and she seem to like that I am so happy for that . Ginger is also now in the bedroom where I will keep her till Thursday when I have to bring her to the vet .

Thank you all for your good wishes .
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Sorry about the (tentative) diagnosis. I'm glad she's eating. Good luck!
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Ginger is doing really good today .She was eating almost a half of a can food from frisky . At this time I am willing to feed her anything . No fever and very alert . Almost like her old self
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YAY!!! Here's still hoping!
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I'm so glad she is feeling better today! I sure hope things turn out to be ok for her.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Ginger is doing really good today .She was eating almost a half of a can food from frisky . At this time I am willing to feed her anything . No fever and very alert . Almost like her old self
Ah....great to read this! Tell Miss Ginger we are all rooting for her to get back to being full of "tortitude"
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That's great news Hedi
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oh! That is just the BEST news!
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Yay!! That's wonderful news Hedi!
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thank you all guys so much . I do have hope , there is to much life in her to give up . Ginger is very alert , not playful but alert and is watching everything what is going on . She did not do that on the weekend at all .
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Keeping my fingers crossed, and keeping the good vibes coming!!
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Today I brought Ginger in for her Surcery tomorrow , please keep her in your prayers and thoughts . Thank you .

I have worn a T-Shirt for the last 2 days to sleep in and told them at the vet to place it in her little kennel she needs to stay . My poor baby was crying while driving there and she has the cutest baby meow I ever herd . That was so heart breaking for me to listening to while driving there That poor thing has no clue what is going on now . She did really good lately and ate very good and was very alert .She also stop trying to eat the litter . But I could tell she still was not feeling well in her eyes . She had fever sometimes , more in the evening befor I gave her her medication . I will miss her tonight sleeping with me on my pillow , my sweet little girly .
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Awwww, my positive thoughts are with Ginger, please let us know how she is doing.
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Oh sweetie.. good vibes for Ginger!!!!! I know how horrible it is to take them to the vet.. they're meowing, not knowing what's going on

Hopefully some good news will come out of this!!! **many hugs**
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You know we are wishing the best for your tortie girl, hopefully this will bring good news and all the information needed to cure whatever is going on,
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Thank you both so much Sicy and Pat & Alix
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Hedi, you have my heart and Ginger has my prayers. I hope it all works out for the both of you.
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Thank you M.A.
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