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Oh Hedi I'm so sorry about Ginger I hope and pray the medication will work.

I will be keeping you both in my thoughts sweetie.
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Hedi, I'm so sorry the hear the news. Keeping all fingers and paws crossed over here that she improves over the weekend.
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Sashacat thank you so very much for all you said . You have no idea how much it means to me .
Also I want to thank you Sicy .

I do have a hard time to respont right now , so hopefully it comes agross right what I want to say . After my first posting today I went in the bedroom and gave Ginger her 2 meds and realised she had fever agagin . So I was pretty much down . Then I talk to my hubby about Ginger and he don't wont me to do the operation on her to test her for canser , he just wants to put her down . Finacialy wise .As you can think I went downhill emotionaly . I will go over his had and do it anyway , he will get over it . But befor that I will have a long talk with the vet first what Gingers life would be if she had canser and treatment ect. ect. , yes the cost too . Then I would go from there . Later on I went back in the bedroom to check on Ginger and was supriced seeing her walk to me , befor she was only laying around the hole time . The fever seem gone and she folowed me into the livingroom and watched some TV with me . She is sleeping again now . I can tell she is not doing good at all . Her medication what I have for her is : Twice a day a 1 dropperful Amoxil and twice a day 1 dropperful Prednisone for 5 days and then I have to give the Prednisone only once a day . So I know what the Amoxil is but have no clue what Prednisone is .Can any body explain to me what that medication is supose to do and what it is for ??? Thanks
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When we had the initial leukemia teatment for Freddie the vet explained what they were for, but I was so numb with grief that I hardly remembered anything when I got home. If you can, look them up under Google. Just type in the medication name and then cats, like xxxxxx(medicine)+ cats and see what pops up. Also, I know these message boards are very good referrals for reading material. It really helped me when I just sat in front of the computer late into the night typing in all of Freddie's medication names and reading tons of information about them on my own. Keep us posted please.
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OMG...my heart is with you, sweetie. Try and be strong, and spend as much time with your dear little kitty and love it as much as you can... --And I KNOW I don't even have to tell you that, as it is SO apparent, how much you dearly love that little kitty!
{{HUGS}} to you and your little kitty too!!!
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Poor Ginger I had a cat on Prednisone before. I believe it helps to stimulate appetite and also helps with inflammation.

I know this must be very hard for you. I hope its not cancer.
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Thank you all for the info , did find on the google my answers what I was looking for .

Ginger is not doing good at all . All what she does now is sleep and she don't purr any more . I really think she has canser now , remembering the bloody stool she had . It also seems like she is dizzy when just sitting , she is kind of rocking a little . Maybe thats why she is just laying now . She walked today out of the bedroom again around noon time and is only hiding since . Later I will cary her back in my bedroom so she can lay on my pillow again to sleep since that is her favored spot . I really don't know what to do now with her . I am thinking should I get her the operation just to find out she has canser and die any way ??? . What should I do ???
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Hedi, I'm just reading this now. SO sorry to hear about Ginger. I hope she gets better soon and I pray there is nothing radically wrong with her

Hugs to you, Sam
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Oh Hedi,

I am so sorry this has come your way. No one here can tell you what to do, we are not there to see Ginger, to see if the spark has left her eyes, or if she still has fight left in them. You do what is best for the animal, not what you wish to happen in a perfect world. If the cat's quality of life is going downhill, and if the cat is suffering, then the answer is clear- it is not easy, but it is clear what needs to be done.

We had a cat diagnosed with cancer the first part of this year. We had the option to keep her alive with chemo and stressful vet visits. Dunkin came from a very abusive beginning, we did not wish to add any stress in her life at the end. After three vets told us that even if we did do chemo, there was not guarantee, we sent her to heaven on a wave of our tears.

Each situation with an ill cat is different. You are there, you are the friend to this feline, she is trusting that you will know how to help her, in whichever form that help will come, she trusts you to do the right thing.

Big Hugs (((((((((((())))))))))))))
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Oh, Hedi, I am sooo sorry! {{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs to you and Ginger}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Well I got her to eat , finaly . I opend a kitten can food with fish from Nutro and know she like it very much . Well she eat not much , maybe a one and a half tee spoon fool . But she is still cleaning herself after the meal , I think that is a good sign . I think on monday first think I do after I wake up and can think clearly so I will understand also . I will call the vet and see what we can do and what the option are with Ginger . I cant and will not watch her like that . This is just to painful for me . BTW she still has fever most of the time .
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Hugs Sweetie, as Pat said so well- love her up in the meantime!
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Hedi, you hang in there. I know how hard it is to sleep, you wake up and feel nothing but sadness and depression that is crushing. Freddie has slipped this weekend, he is not eating now and he has lost some weight this week. But he has a tiny spark in his eyes when Eric walks into the room and he wants to be held constantly. I sense he is still fighting, but leukemia is a terrible monster. This week we will need to talk about it in the same way that you are talking about it. I have cried all day, I understand what you are going through. I hang photos of Freddie all over the house and talk to him constantly. We are expecting snow tonight and I want him to see it before he goes..... I DO feel so much for you right now. Freddie's fever was 106 and would not break, our vet here used a new vaccine to cut the fever down, so Freddie would have a chance. Leukemia is blood cancer, so we took what we could get to make Freddie better. The name of the serum was Kenoprofin - and I have NO idea if it is right for your situation, none. I don't know your clinic and your vet. But I am glad Google worked for you in finding answers, the natural world will provide the other answers this week for you. Thank you so much for the update.
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Hedi - I am just reading this. I am so sorry that Ginger is suffering and you both are in my thoughts.
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Thank you all sooooo much for all your prayers , vibes and hugs .

Sashacat my heart also go's out to you and I can feel your sadness . Leukemia is a very hard one to fight . You must go through a lot and still have the strengh to encourage me , thank you so much . I am so sorry about your Freddie sliping so slowly away , how helpless you must feel . ((((HUGS)))) to you .
The hardest thing for me is to see Ginger just laying around and all I can do cry over her . She is still so young and not even 2 years old .
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I know, I do know. Freddie is only 7 months old. It is very hard. He is a love, a true sweetness of a kitty. When he was healthy, before everything came on so fast, he was a frisbee kitten. He would jump 4-5 feet in the air, do back flips, twists, and jump all day long. He used to catch bugs and watch Animal Planet....and now, he is weakended but we still feel his Freddie personality. It is a strange comfort to write it all out here, and know that others understand the suffering of my heart. I will think of you a lot tonight, 3000 miles away in a warmer place. We will have our first snowfall here.

Namaste (peace)
Waste Tokada (good future)
<Lakota Indian>
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Freddie looks so sweet and happy up in the tree limp . Thanks for sharing the pic .
I will be praying for you and your baby when I say my prayers tonight
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Hedi *** hugs ***

I cant believe she is only 2 years old. I didnt know she was so young. It seems odd that she would have cancer at such a young age. If it were me I think I would do the operation to find out for sure. If it does turn out to be cancer.. as hard as it is, I would probly let her go

Hang in there.. and yes, love her as much as you can right now.
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Hedi - I'm sorry to hear that Ginger isn't feeling too well.

I'll be thinking about you both tonight.

{{{{Hugs to you and Ginger.}}}}
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Well today Ginger seem to be a lttle more alert then testerday and was mostly over the day fever free I think . The nodes are still swollen , I was just feeling them . She is eating , but not much . I think today she ate a half can of baby nutro food , wich is not a hole lot . I have catched her today trying to eat catlitter , I don't know why she want to do that . Is she having catlitter graving now ? Tomorrow I will call the vet and will talk to him/her , my vet office has 3 vets in there . Then I will go from there .
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*** good vibes for tomorrow ***
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Hedi? What type of litter are you using? If it is clumping litter, use shredded newspaper or another type of litter just to be safe. Sometimes older cats who have deficiencies in their blood will eat cat litter to try and compensate. A vet visit would be a really good idea.

I am thinking of you and Ginger often-
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Wishing you and Ginger all the best, I hope you find an answer for what is causing this. As Hissy said, eating litter can be a sign of a problem such as anemia (kitties with crf are susceptible to developing anemia and eating litter is one sign).

hugs to you and chin skritches to your lovely tortie girl,
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I am waiting for the vet to call me back now , with butterfly's in my belly .
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Hedi my thoughts are with you now-
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Thank you M.A.
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Sure hope Ginger will be ok. Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and Ginger. Hope everything turns out to be ok.
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Thank you malynn

Ginger is doing much better today , that really amases me . She walks all over the house and also ate but not much . She is still not her old self though , btw she is only 13 or 14 month old . She don't has fever as far as I can tell . The one noids seem smaller today on the one of her ear site . But she still has all the others . Well I see what the vet will say and I will also mention to her that Ginger is trying to eat the catlitter . I have not seen her swallow it , but don't mean she will . M.A. I cant place in all cat litter boxes news paper , the other cats will all go nuts with that . They can be little monsters sometimes while playing .
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove

Ginger is doing much better today , that really amases me . She walks all over the house and also ate but not much .
I am glad to see she's having a better day today, may she only keep getting better and better.
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Thank you Pat&Alix , that would be really great .

I am still waiting on the vet to call me . I will call them back around 1:30 , thats when they all come back from lunch to remind them .
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