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I got a apointment for Ginger this Wednesday at 4:30 and I will also take Cookie with me . My friend Iris will drive me there , she live here in town and does a lot of rescue herself . Iris also has a little feral colony at her beauty shop she take care off . I am almost out of Ginger antibiotics and her prednesone pill . So I may have to get some more or new meds for her . Ginger is really doing good and act like a kitten . She is just to darn cute . So I think her meds work what she got right now . I don't know what is wrong with Cookie's eye , it is almost shot close . It seem to hurt him when I try to clean it with a warm moist rag and complaint . He had no problem with the other eye complaining .He also is hiding now a lot unter my bed , that is not a good sign . I hope I did not scratch him one time there when I try to clean his hard stuff from his eye with my fingernail off . But it seem right from the beginning not as clear like the other eye . So maybe he got a eye infection . The other thing what I was wondering is that the lady who foster them give both cats a try bath with some kind of spray (?) shampoo for cats . I don't know how save that is for cats and also wondered if Cookie may have got some of that stuff in that eye when she try washed him . I guess I will find out on wednesday .
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Ginger did good at the vet today , the blood count has doppelt and something ??? got down and all is looking good . I am just not good at that stuff , sorry . Her nodes in the back of her legs were gone and also in the front , just at her site on the ear is still there but has not grown a all Ginger don't need any more antbiotics , but is still on prednesone and som kind of vitamine suplement (zink ? maybe , it is dark and smell funny ) and thats it . I am so happy so very very happy
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I am so happy for you and Ginger! It has been a rough time for both of you. Mega hugs!
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Hedi, that's excellent news.
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Thank you guys so much .
Did I say I was very happy , my girl is doing good yeah .
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Wonderful news...good for Ginger

Maybe now you can go back to just being a cat handmaiden serving toys and treats, no more vet visits etc.
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Yay Ginger! Hedi, I am so happy to hear the good news!
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Thats wonderful news! Hope she continues to get better every day!
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oh happy day, that's great, Hedi. Ginger rocks!
Holding steady!!
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Thank you all so much , I am still all excidet and feel like a big load has lifted me .

Pat&Alix Maybe now you can go back to just being a cat handmaiden serving toys and treats, no more vet visits etc.
that is to funny .
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Don't you feel that way sometimes? This one likes their food warmed, this one only likes canned fancy feast beef, this one wants to sleep on the right side of your pillow, that one needs to be carried from room to room since heaven forbid she should have to mingle with the common cats - and be ready for her showing of teeth and juicy hiss as she swears if she were not being carried she'd just whip their sassy asses into respectful behavior (this diva, btw is Alix's sister, Ophelia).

Alix is known for batting at my hand when she wants a treat (and when she wants a treat, she wants it now!). I could go on, but it would take up too much space
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That is wonderful news, Hedi!!! I am so happy for you.

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OMG how true Pat&Alix how true LMAO
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I just wanted to give a little update on Ginger . She is still doing good . Her nodes on the ear still a little swollen , but has not grown . The other nodes are totaly gone . Last week I was running out of her liqui tinic 2oz suplement and my car still not fixed . So I had to call the vet to see if they would send some to me . After a little debate with them they finaly found a way to send the liquit bottle to me . It only come on Monday to me . The time I was waiting for the meds to arive I had to give her only once a day that tinic to strech it . I could tell a difference the way how she was acting . So I was happy when it finaly arrived here . Ginger is eating fine and she acts like she is ok , playing ect ... So in all I am very pleased with her . I do hope we solve the problem with the car though . I do want to go back to the vet with her and take Cookie with me , his eye takes a little to long to heal . If we don't get a car by next week I will take the offer from Iris and take her car to drive to the vet . I also know I could ask malynn for a ride . I want Ginger to get re checked again to make sure she is ok . I don't want to loose her , she is still my baby girl .

Thank you all again for all your suport you have given me through this awfull time . I know I almost lost my sweet Ginger girlie and sure don't know how I would have made it through that time with out you guys ((((((HUGS)))))) to all of you
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Thank you for the update on your ginger snap girl <G>. I'm glad she's doing better!

Hope you can get your car back soon, I've hated it when we have had to be a one car family.
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Hedi I'm so glad Ginger is doing good
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So glad to hear that there's no further swelling, and some have gone. That's great progress! I'm sure she'll have a great report card at the vet's next week. Ginger .
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Up date on Ginger

I went to the vet today and it looks like she has a little spell . They made blood tests again and some are ok and some are low , I forgot what excactly wich one what . She also has some fever and it looks like she may has catch some of Snowball or Marquise cold . So she got some antibiotics and is back twice a day with Prednisone again for 5 days and after the 5 days once a day again . I am suposed to go back sometime next week , but my darn car is still not fixed . I wish Mike would make up his mind with getting a car . But the good news is that she went from 6 pounds to 6,4 pounds , so she gaint a little .
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Thanks for the update Hedi Hope she will be ok.
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Thank you Sicy
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Awww, what a mixed bag for poor Ginger. Hope she keeps improving, a little weight gain is good!

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Thanks Superkitty .... Men .. I hear ya lol
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up date on GINGER
I went with Ginger to the vet today and got her bloodwork checked again . And she is doing great yeah yeah yeah . All her blood test come back good and she also gaint weight . She is 7 pounds now I am so happy about that .She still needs to stay on her vitamine and prednesone daily , but only once a day now , The Dr. said she wants to see her again and re check her in 6 weeks , unless she is getting a spell again . And Dr. Heather told me she could get spells here and there , but we need to catch it right away . So Ginger wont end up in the hospital again .
I just wanted to let you all know that Ginger is doing good .

Btw she is also my husbands baby and he snuggles with her when he is going to bed at night Mike told me today that he really love Ginger , he never said something like that I guess Ginger got us wraped around her paws
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So nice to read a good report on Miss Ginger
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I am so happy about the positive news!
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Thank you guys
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:flash: :flash: YAY Ginger!! :flash: :flash:
Thanks for the update, Hedi, it's wonderful to hear!
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Thank you Superkitty
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I had to bring Ginger back to the hospital and she needs to stay over night . Her blood count was very low by 9 and need a transfution again . All her blood work come back not good And she was doing so good for a long time . She also had fever over 104

I also had to bring "Angel" in to the hospital , she lost weight and seemt not well . She has to stay there too and only weigth 4 pounds . They did all kind of test on her , including for feline leukemia since she never was tested . But she don't have it , at least some good news . I had 2 other Oriental Shorthair from the same breeder ( Kikko and Butterschotch , also Thailee come from there )and they had a low immune system and on the end they just died starving themself to death . So now I am afraid with Angel . Dr. Heather said that Angel also will need some bloodtransfution since her red blood cell is also low , knowing the history of Kikko and Butterscotch . She also will put her on some meds for the low immune system too to perk her up and some antibiotic , even though she did not have fever and the rest of the blood work was all good besite the red bloodcell count .
Does it ever end
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Oh, Hedi, I'm so sorry. I'm keeping your kitties in my thoughts, and hope for the best. Please keep us posted, and keep your chin up (Kopf hoch)!
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