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Hopefully she is doing better today! They didnt say anything about her condition? Its awful having to wait till this afternoon to find out how she is doing. I have been thinking of her this weekend and hoping she will be ok.
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more hugs for Ginger
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Thank you guys

I am in hope that it is good news to bring her home , but my mind is going to the part where I think it may be bad news . But on the other hand I think that Dr Heather would have called me to come in the office if it would be bad news , or would have talk to me on the phone about Ginger . So I am holding on to good thoughts .... but I still worry .... I let you all know after I talk to Dr Heather and back home what is going on with Ginger .

Thank you all again for your good wishes and thoughts and encouragements . You all have help me a lot going through this , I don't know how I would have done it with out you all .

Thanks TCS for having this site
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my baby is home with me know and seem to be her old self again . The vet has given me 3 differend medication to give her every 12 hours . Dr. Heather belief she has hemobartonella , at keast that what I think she said to me . We will go back to the vet on Thursday for a follow up .
Thank you all again for being with me in that hard time
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Good luck Hedi, keep your loving eye on her and watch her for any relapses. Wishing you the best!
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I'm glad Ginger is home with you, best wishes for a swift recovery for her
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Aww yay!
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OMG!! I do hope Ginger is feeling better with every day now.
I am watching all your posts, and crossing my fingers that she gets better SOON!
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Yay she's home and feeling better.

Hope she continues to do good.
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Thank you all again for all your suport you have given me in that time . I will carefully watch her for sure , I don't want her to get sick again . All her nodes are almost gone and only a little swollen now . So I think the medication is working for her and hopefully continue to work for her .
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What a relief to hear she's at home now, responding to the medication, hopefully getting better, and seeming like her old self again. At least she's in familiar surroundings now, that should help her recover faster, be less stressed.
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Just wanted to let you all know that Ginger is still doing good . I am so happy about that . She is her old self again , playing with toys and snuggles with me all the time . She still has the nodes swollen a little , but it is not bad like it was in the beginning . She is eating and trinking fine Ginger also enjoy the cat enclosure again , she did not enjoy that while she was sick . I don't think she has any fever at all , but will find out today at the vet . We have a apointment by Dr Heather at 2:30 today and Ginger will get a check up . I also will bring Toby my dog with me to get his nails cliped there for free . He wont let me do it . I will let you all know what the vet said to me later on . I just hope my car will make it there . The last time I almost broke down . While driving with 55 miles it started to shake like a tire was broken , when I finaly stoped and check my tires they where all ok . That was the 2nd time that happens to me and I am a little scared now to drive long distances . It is a half hour for me to drive . Well I guess I just will be one of the slow pokes driving . Wish me luck or say a prayer that my car will make it there and back . Thanks guys
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I'm so sorry for poor Ginger (and you), but I'm glad it sounds like she's doing so much better!

Good luck with the car!!!! It sounds like maybe it needs an alignment?
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Thank you LDG .

I think that is what my hubby said , but not sure of it . Do you think it is save to drive with that problem ?
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Good luck with Ginger's follow-up, I'm so glad she's feeling like herself again. Re the car, just don't drive at the speed where it really begins to vibrate (that's how I'd handle it until it's fixed).
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My truck was doing the samething when the speed would get past 55, so until I had it alined I would not go past 50 and stayed off the interstate or highways. Be very careful.
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Yea I stayed unter 55 mile the last time , mostly by 45 - 50 miles . I have to drive on a highway to get there . I know people were anoid by me . But I also said to myself , never judge a person any more when he/she is driving slow .

Thank you all for your reply . I hope it is good news with Ginger . The vet said the last time I picked Ginger up that she will give her a check up and will then decide if we stay with the same medication or if we have to change it up some . So I think positive right now .
I am just happy that my Ginger is back at home with me . Even though I only have her for about 2 month now , but I love her like I known her for 10 years . She is just a sweatheart and has a lot of love to give and I sure want to give it back to her for a very long time .
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My husband just said to me that we need a new tierod (sp) for the car . So now I really don't know if I should drive so far to the vet . Can any body give me some info about that ? I always can call the vet and if Ginger needs new meds they can send it in mail to me .
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Depends how loose the tierod is Hedi. The tierod is the part of the car that ties into the steering box. If it is extremely loose you could wobble off the road into the ditch. If it is worn, you will be sloppy on the road, and if it breaks- well that could be disastrous. Is there a pet taxi service in your area or a nice neighbor?
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Thank you M.A. for your answer . No there is no Pet Taxi service in my area , just normal taxis . They let you wait for one hour and cant trust them with time what so ever . Since the problem with the car was not the first I am really scared now to drive long distance like that . I just called a few minutes ago my vet office and are waiting on the vet to call me back . I just think it is saver that way since it is no emergency . , gosh that really sucks .
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Hey Hedi, I think we may live in the same general area from what I've read of your posts. If you need to reschedule your appointment and you need a ride I'd be happy to help you out. I live just outside of Richmond Hill, in Bryan County. I sent you a PM.
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Thank you malynn you are so nice . I respont to your pm . It is funny how you find out in a time like that , that two people malynn and I only about 25 - 30 minutes drive away . I think that is great to know there is someone close by who has the same love for cats like I do .
I will wait on the vets call now and see what she has to say about Ginger and will go from there . I may have to reschedule a new appointment . If I do and my darn car is not fixed I may take your offer malynn . Oh gosh you are so sweet , thank you again for your offer .
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I talk to the vet and she said that she wants to see Ginger next week when my car is fixed up . To continue the meds for Ginger right now as told and if any changes at all with Ginger to get back with her asap . She also was interestet if Gingers nodes where gone and after telling her no , she ask me if they got smaller since she is at home . Well no , kind of the same to me but have not grown , so thats when she said she really want to see Ginger next week . Could that be a consern for me know the way the vet reacted ??????? Now I kind of think not positive any more . Or would the vet tell me if there is something to worry about ??? Oh gosh I make myself crazy now , dumb me .
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I'm not a vet or vet tech (and maybe one of the vet techs I've seen comment here will do so again), but as an RN, what I think your vet was doing was having you be her eyes and hands - it's important to know if the lymph nodes are going down, as an indicator of how she is doing. By asking you the same question a couple of ways, she was just being sure to get an idea of exactly what was happening with the lymph nodes...not smaller but also not growing any larger.

By seeing her next week, it's a prudent followup to see how those nodes are doing. I'd be reassured by the fact that Ginger is eating, playing and seeming more like herself...all important clues as to how she is feeling.

hth a bit,
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You may be right Par&Alix , Dr. Heather thought it was great that Ginger is doing great and seem to be happy about that . Yea , the more I think about that the more I think you are right with that what you said . Thank you again Pat&Alix now it make sense to me .
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Heidi, Pat is correct, your vet is relying on you to keep her updated on Ginger's progress.

I just want to caution (not scare) you to be exceptionally keen on observing Ginger at this point. Because your vet suspects hemobart, it's important for you to know that this could take up to 4 months for her to make a complete recovery. During this recovery stage, it is paramount that you observe her carefully for any signs that treatment may not be working. Your vet wants to monitor her lymph nodes in the event she may yet need to test further for some other immunosuppressive problem. Assuming she hasn't truly ruled much out other than hemobart, she is keeping those differentials in the back of her mind as she follows the treatment plan.

The most observant thing you can do is monitor her mucous membranes on a daily basis. Ideally, they should be moist and a healthy pink color. Right now, they probably appear white or very pale, which would be normal under the circumstances, but what you want to see is her improving with pink gums each day from here on in. Another thing you want to monitor is her exercise tolerance, as in weakness. If she is lethargic or appears to be extremely weak, contact your vet immediately and notify her of it at once. While her normal daily routine has probably been adjusted and you'll find her not interested in activity or exercise or interested in playtime, etc, you should be seeing progress very soon. She should become stronger and more interested in her normal activities. Also keep a close eye on her food and water intake, especially during medication treatment. You don't want to risk dehydration, so ensure she is eating sufficiently, is drinking good amounts daily and has normal urine/bowel functions.

If at any time she appears not to tolerate her medications at any point, notify your vet at once. Sometimes vomiting can occur with doxycycline, and while it's generally mild and will subside shortly thereafter, if she happens to vomit more than once, notify your vet. If she is tolerating them well, follow the doses exactly, and never miss a dose of any medication your vet has given you.

Another reason your vet may want to see Ginger next week could be to monitor the CBC....anytime prednisone is given, the WBC needs to be monitored, this is a precautionary measure.

Hang in there.............Traci
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Traci , wow you have given me a great explanation . Something I can understand . Thank you so very much Traci , you don't know how much that mean to me Be sure I will check all you said and I also will watch her very carefully . I sure don't want her to fall back or even lose her , that would really devastate (sp) me . Thank you again Traci that was very nice of you taking the time out for me to explain .
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Yes, Hedi, this is good attention from your vet. I am pleased to hear about the improvement with Ginger since the first post. And good job on the car! Sometimes the small things going right make all the difference. Remember to take of you: hot bath, tea, 15 minutes of total quiet, a sunny walk if you can down there in GA. We are following these updates and pray for you and your Ginger snap sweetie. I am recovering from my loss now and send ALL my best strength and spirit to you!
Elizabeth and Eric
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Thank you Sashacat for your kind words , that was really sweet of you . Yes we still have sun here and I take a sun bath with my outsite cats every day . Spenting quality times with them sitting in the sun for a while petting and talking to them . They enjoy that very much . I also try to recover from my grief with Calipso and will take some time . I walk every day to her grave site and visit with a cup of coffe . I got peace now in my heart but still miss her a lot . I still catch myself looking to the place she used to sleep all the time . Oh well .... life will go on .

But Ginger is doing good , she is playing now and is so cute while playing . I really enjoy that now more seeing that . I check her gums now when I give her the little prednisone (half) pill . She is even running and go outsite in the cat enclosure every day . But mostly she like to be with me all the time and follows me around the house . I cant believe I am so in love with her knowing her only a few month . She mut be my soul cat some how .
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Yes, that is perfectly put: your soulcat.
I think Freddie was mine, then. Because I got him from across the street June 28, the only boy in a litter of five sisters. I loved him instantly and brought him home. His personality enchanted all of us, so alive and responsive. He slept with me every night and would push his little face into my neck. I never saw him cross or angry, not once, not one time. He was so full of love. I am sure all your cats think you're pretty darn special! I am so happy for Ginger's good day, Hedi! I can see you there with a cup of coffee and your brood.
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