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Ginger needs to stay at the hospital

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My Persian "Ginger" had a little blood in her stool a few days ago and I also notice she is not her self for a few days . I also felt between the ear and neck some swelling . Yesterday I also notice she was not eating and today , at least I have not see her eat and she may has I really don't know . So today while I was getting ready in the bathroom for today I also notice she was thinking about if she should go and use the toilet or not . So she was sitting right in front of it and thought on that for about 10 minute . Then she went in the box and pee just a little bit , not much at all .I also had to pull a tini little poop away from her bum area and it was very hard . Well we went to see the vet at 3:30 today . So now I found out that the swelling are her lymphnoids (sp) and not only on both sites they were swollen , they also were swollen a little lower by the leg area and also in the back legs area For sure I was in shock about that and really absad . She also has a fever of a 104 . So the vet said she need to stay in the hospital at least overnight . I guess they want to see the stool and urin and also want to make sure she is eating . She was not dehytrated though . The vet said she would get a shot for the fever right away and they want to watch her how she is doing . OMG I wonder what could be wrong with my baby . Anybody has a clue what it may could be ???
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I am sorry you and Ginger are apart right now, but she is in the best possible place to get help. The vet should have answers for you very soon.
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Thanks M.A. , but I worry about her she is my little baby girly .
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I know you do, I would worry too. But the bottom line is you saw there was a problem and you did the right thing in bringing her to a professional right away. Let us know what they find out-
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Oh Hedi ***hugs*** Sending good vibes that Ginger will be ok!!

Good on you for noticing a problem! With that many cats I can imagine it must be difficult to do.
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Thanks again M.A. , I sure will let you all know . I guess tomorrow and hopefully nothing serious . I am going to miss my sweet little girl tonight snuggeling with me .
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Thank you Sicy . With so many cats it may take just a little longer to see a problem , but not much longer . I am usualy pretty good obsurving (sp) them every day and with so many you have to do that any way or you will lose controll very quickly .
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Hedi, sending big hugs for you and Ginger!
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*Sending good thoughts* for Ginger to get better soon and come home!
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Thank you 3BlackCats , how nice of you .
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~~~~~sending positive board waves your way Hedi and Ginger ~~~~~~~
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Thank you Superkittie , that is very nice of you .
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Thank you Momofmany , very kind of you .
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oh my she has to be okay, i will say a prayer for her and send some ((((((get well vibes))))))) ((((hugs)))) keep us posted please
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AAAAwwwww thank you Dougbug how nice of you .

I am sure by tomorrow I will know something and will all let you know what is going on with my baby girly .
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Oh my gosh it must be hard knowing she's away from home, but like Hissy said you did the right thing. I'll be sure to pray for her tonight.
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Thank you Rang how nice of you . Yes it is hard on me and I miss her so much .
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Sending good thoughts your way! Hope she is better soon.
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Sending positive thoughts to Ginger and you.
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I'm so sorry! We had a power outage today, and I'm just now reading this I will keep Ginger in my thoughts...I have a soft spot for tortie's. Please post tomorrow as soon as you have more news,
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Thank you Pat&Alix , FeliciasMom and Malynn you are all so kind to me .

You all don't know how much this all mean to me . This is also why this site is so special , we all care about each other .
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Poor Ginger.

*Sending good healing vibes Ginger's way*

Get better soon sweety.

Take care Hedi.
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Oh gosh, I know just how you feel!! And I feel so badly for you. My little Spikey is STILL not feeling well. Has diarrhea, that SEEMED to go away (he was tested for parasites, but it was negative). I really thought in the past few days he was really coming back around again. But he is NOT good tonight (early Friday morning!) I will be calling my new Vet in the morning and seeing what I can do for him. He tried to vomit tonight--and has diarrhea--and is lethargic. He is drinking fluids, and I gave him Yogurt and some canned pumpkin but still is having these problems... I think if they do bloodwork they will have to sedate Spike, as he is such a feisty little guy--he will NOT let them do THAT!!!
I do hope your little one gets better REALLY fast--and am sending positive get-well-vibes your way!!!
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Thank you Missy&SpikesMom

I caleed the Vet 30 minutes ago and did not get good news . She said that Ginger may have some kind of virus ( I forgot what it is called )I am to absad , but most likely she has canser . I had 2 option 1: I get her on some good medication over the weekend and see if she is doing better by monday . 2 : Or I let them do survery on Ginger to remove one of her lymph noids and they will send it in the lap to see what kind of thing we are dealing with . I went with option 1 . I hope and pray Ginger will do better over the weekend . If not I will have to go with the operation . I will be picking her up after I get myself together in a little bit ......
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Hedi, I am so sorry to hear this news. Are they talking about a needle biopsy or the removal of one of the nodes?
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I'm so sorry Hedi. I hope the medication improves her condition over the weekend.
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I'm so sorry Hedi, I know how difficult it is to make these decisions and to see one of our dearlings not feeling well. I will say a prayer that the antibiotics do the trick, and in the meantime, just love her up.
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Hedi, das tut mir so leid! Ich drücke beide Daumen, dass es ihr bald besser geht! I don't want to be impolite here, so I'll switch back to English. I really hope the antibiotics help. My mom used to have a tortie named Ginger - I really loved that cat. She lived to a ripe old age, and I'm really hoping the same for your Ginger. Also: Gute Besserung für Ginger! Keep us posted on her condition.
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Thank you all so much . I got her back and is in my bedroom . I will let her settle down for a while . I am so debressed right now and feel so helpless . It is always good when you go to the vet and he/she hands you some medication over and know it will be ok . But now it is differend and have no clue if the meds will help this time .

M.A. the vet talked about a total removel of the nodes , at least that what I was undertsanding . Then it would not cost me a $ 120.00 dollars I think ,to do that . The vet poked her with a needel and pulled some fluit out to see how it looks like , so she couuld have taken some sample for the lap then .
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Hedi, I remember what you wrote me about Freddie when he was diagnosed with leukemia. You said he was with the best person possible, in fact, many people supported me through my initial depression so intensely, I felt somewhat lost without all the messages. You are a great mom to all those kitties! Just look at how happy they are in the pix. My little Freddie has his favorite, because I still read him mail every day when people ask or comment about him. Your brood is wonderful. You must talk out loud to Ginger. tell her "good job!" and "be strong" and then tell all the others to love and be strong for their sister. I understand the waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping....when there's not much news and nothing you can do until something goes right or kick-in or sparks some kind of recovery. We are still waiting on Freddie, but he has slipped this week, noticeably, and we have run out of medicines....we knew he was flying solo w/o anything else, as he's exhausted his options. He has brought us much joy, as with Ginger to you, and I'm sure you feel everything from fatigue to sadness to hope to anxiety - lots of anxiety. We are all thinking GOOD STRONG THOUGHTS THIS WEEKEND,
Elizabeth, Eric, Freddie fur and Sasha fur.
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