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Toys from Princess Purr for Simba

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Princess Purr sent a couple of cool toys for Simba to play with. One was a glove with long fingers and balls and bells on the end & the other was a thing filled with catnip. I'm not sure what that toy is called, but Simba really loves it. In fact he goes crazy over it.

Here are some pix of Simba with his new toys. The glove almost looks like simba in color and markings.
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Here's another
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And another.
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And even more. This is with that toy, that I don't know what it's called, but he's a trip with it.
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This is a bit blurred, but his face is hilarious in it. In fact it' my favorite picture.
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Beautiful cat! It looks like a Kirby Stick to me, not the cat, the toy.
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What great pics of him and his new toys! Simba is sooo cute!
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the one picture with the Kirby Stick looks just so funny , I love your little guy . He looks cute in all pics .I think you made his day with all them toys .
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Simba is so gorgeous. I know why you fell in love with him when you saw him! I want a Bengal now!
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even though the pic is blurry, I love that last pic, what an expression...
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Still one of the most beautiful cats I've seen! I adore that last pic! I love that you caught him in action!
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Hope - you gotta post more pics of that boy. He is absolutely beautiful!!
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I've seen those gloves and wondered how they would like them! Simba seems to love it!

He's gorgeous Hope. I really want a bengal too.
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Great pics! Love that last one too, that expression is just a hoot!
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Adorable photos..and yup, that's a KirbyStick
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Very cut pictures Hope! Simba just melts my heart.
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yea! I'm happy he likes his new toys. Yep that is a kirby stick. Cats just love thoses things! He is soooo adorable
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He looks like he is having a grand time! He is so gorgeous!
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Simba just loves that Kirby stick! He licks it, then rolls around, then bats at it, then leaps in the air for it. I think he loves that more than any toy he has.
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i'll have to send him some more kirby sticks he is too adorable!
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Ohhh, he'd LOVE that.
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: He is absolutely gorgeous! He looks fierce when he's attacking those toys! Those are great action pics.
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Cute pics! You're lucky.. my kids are scared of that thing with the long fingers and bells

They love their Kirby Sticks though!
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What are Kirby Sticks?
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
What are Kirby Sticks?
See that red and blue thing Simba is really getting into playing with? Those are Kirby sticks. I'd never heard of them before, either. But, Simba goes nuts for it. I think it's filled with catnip.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
What are Kirby Sticks?
they are around ten inches long, they are thin and filled with catnip. Cats LOVE them. I think it is the design that they really love. They come in TONS of fabrics, my guys love playing with them, they even play tug of war
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Simba looks like he's having fun with that glove. In the last one he looks like he just caught the scare of his life or something... but I guess he's just excited about the kirby stick.
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Gorgeous pictures, I LOVE simba!
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