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I don't know what to do!

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I have just been offered a supervisor's job for a minimum of 1 year at my previous work place. I don't know if I should take it. There are a lot of office politics, but I am more comfy there then here. It is more money with the possiblity it could be permanent. I would still have this job to come back tooif needed after the year. I don't know what to do! The best thing is thatI would be able to car pool again!
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Go back to the old place. Cool people seem to work there....And shorter commute!!! Especially with the upcoming winter season....
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It sounds like there are a lot of positives, so why aren't you sure? Maybe answering that will help you decide.
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I'm not sure because I love the job I am at now and the politics at the old place are really bad.
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Go where you are more comfy. Life is too short to spend working somewhere that you don't enjoy. It sounds like a great opportunity for you and if this job is there to fall back on, then you arn't really risking alot.

I say go for it!!!!

Less travel time means more quality time for you at home.
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only you can decided Ady, but other than office politics, you don't seem to have a reason NOT to go back...give it a try, it's only a year. how can you argue with more money and a shorter commute?!!
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Ok - I have agreed to take the new job! I can't believe that within 4 months i will have had 2 promotions!
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isn't that a nice feeling? at both of my jobs back home, i was in the process of being promoted to a supervisory position... i wish i had been able to stick around longer to enjoy it more.

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Yay!!!! Good luck and yes...... consider that a HUGE compliment that you were promoted twice in 4 months.
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Congratulations! All the best with your promotion and I hope it is SO much better at your new job!
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Congrats! I hope you enjoy your new position!
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CONGRATS! i hope it works for you
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Congrats, Ady!!
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hey ady,

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Super news Ady! Congrats!
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Congratulations Ady, that's great news! I'm glad you're taking it, it sounds like a good opportunity.
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Thanks for the support everyone! I am looking forward to the new challenge.
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