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Why Do I Do This To Myself??

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Look at the cute orange face on the first page ......too many tempting furry faces....

Nakita? Do you want a brother/sister?

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That is a precious kitty! Yes Nakita wants a new baby and you need a cuddle cat since nakita is a Daddy's girl!
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Awww....Chance is adorable.

Yep...Nakita needs a sibling.

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Yes Nakita wants a brother or sister
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aww...what a sweetie!!!

don't worry, i do the very same thing myself; i look at all these cats on-line, i fall in love, and then i feel bad for having done it...
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Sure, I'd get him, if I were you. Life is so fun with more than one cat.
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I think Nakita can use a playmate .
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Think of it this way if you get another kitty they have each other to torment so you can get a break once in awhile.
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Just think of it this way. That sweet little guy needs a home, where he'll be loved and adored.
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Oh, GET HIM!! Hes soooooo cute!! Of course Nakita needs a little brother
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I say go for it, I know my two love each others company!
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I think that Patches wants a brother or sister too
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meow meow could tell nakita how good is it to have a brother...especially when she can bully boy boy
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It will be at least a year or two before we consider getting another pet.

So all I can do now is torture myself by looking at all the cute fuzzy faces online.


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Why not untill one or two years?
Chance has "please love me, I will love you so much" in his eye. I hope he will find a nice home so he can run and play and cuddle instead of living in a cage.
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Awwwww get another russian! Two is cuter than one!

But that special needs kitty is precious
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I just found out that the only Icelandic shelter has now a website, and I think it is so great. So now I can also do this.....
I have found the one I don´t know if I can resist. I am thinking about phoning there and see if he has a family. Kindof hoping he has, otherwise I might do something about it myself...

To see him, scroll down in the box on this page, its the black one with the blue eyes, with the number 07.10.2003-01

Don´t you think he is adorable?
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