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I have two cats, and my boy, Noel, is getting really playful at midnight. And while I like to let him sleep with me, I have recently had to give in and put him in another room to be able to get to sleep.
Now my little girl is fine, and will sleep like a log at my feet. My question is, do cats know one is getting special treatment and the other has to be apart? I do end up
putting my girl, Lilly in there with him for his sake, but would be fine letting her stay with me. Would he even care as long as there is food and a nice place for him to sleep where he is? Or will he know his sister gets the "Prime" sleeping spot?
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He probably does know that she is able to stay in the room. But, he may not care. Some cats get really jealous about this kind of stuff, but others aren't bothered a bit. As long as he doesn't develop any behavior problems as a result of being locked out, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks, ok, I will try it out.
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You can also give him some warm oatmeal at bedtime- sounds strange, but giving them warm oatmeal with catsip milk helps them sleep at night- Also interactive playtime right before bed will help to wear him out as well.
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What is catsip milk?
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It is milk that is fairly new on the market made specifically for cats. You can find it in the pet food aisle of the bigger grocery stores.
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