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Redirected agression

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It seems that a cat from the neighborhood takes endless joy in teasing my boy. I call him Charlie since he has a Charlie Chaplin mustache - he is such a sweety but gets a tremendous kick out of setting off Loki. The problems is that I am the victim - you should see my legs (major ouch!!!!)

I know that "to end the attacks, I need to set up his environment so that he no longer sees or smells the outdoor cat(s)". So, I looked around on the intra net and found a product called Shake-Away - DOMESTIC CAT (Coyote - Fox Urine Powder). It's supposed NOT Kill or Harm Animals in any way but create a FEAR Barrier. I just want Charlie to find another victim

I hate to do this but ..... Just wondering if anyone has anyone ever used this or a similar product.

Appreciate any input..
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I have not heard of it Helen. But I hope it works for you.
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I haven't tried it either, but please let us know if it works!

My cats get set off by unneutered toms. Is Charlie neutered, and if not, can you talk to the owner and ask them to do so? It might keep him closer to his home, and he won't have as strong as scent if he comes visiting. Just a thought....
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For those two it's more the visual. From what I can tell Charlie is Neutered I don't see anything dangling. He is actually very sweet but has that gleem in his eyes and knows that he can tease the heck out of Loki without getting into an actual fight.*smart kitty*. Of course my boy falls for it every time hook line and sinker!

I think he was the one that used to do the same thing to my neighbors dogs..

Here is the webiste if anyone is interested.


I'll keep you guys posted on the resluts.
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