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Thursday Daily Thread

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It is Thursday isnt it? Its not Friday right?

Not going to the gym today I don't feel like going. But my new gym buddy starts tomorrow so I will be ultra motivated!

Hubby found this little video of a cat, OMG its hilarious, I can't post it here because this is a family oriented site, all I can say it was acting...errmm, "human" But if anyone wants to see it, send me a PM!

Its so freaking cold this morning!

CSI and ER are on tonight! Woohoo!
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Glad to see, that you're back on track.

Its been waay too quiet at work, this week. I figure that it'll hit the fan, tomorrow. As the last business day, of the month and Halloween, to boot - I expect that our systems will go crazy.

Double payday, tomorrow. My pension check and my paycheck. Bill has to work, on Saturday and I'm going to take advantage of that to go to Speedway Racing Collectibles and buy him a Christmas present.

I have to stop, on my way home and buy more candy. I've been dipping into the Halloween stash. I KNEW that I shouldn't have bought that stuff, two weeks early!
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I've been good and haven't had any of the candy, but the hubby has. I better check to see if we need more.

The movie we say last night was brilliant. It was Intolorable Cruelty with George Clooney and Catherine Zeta Jones. It is written by the Coen Brothers who also wrote Fargo and Something About Mary. The dialog was quick and sharp humour. I started laughing 2 minutes in and kept laughing up til the end! I highly recommend it if some wants a good laugh.

Same old stuff happening here. I am still fighting off the sniffles. Hopefully we will get to the track this weekend as they are having a tribute to Secretariat.

Woooohooooo! Survivor night!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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we don't get trick or treaters on this street. Not sure why. But I bought candy the first 4 years I was here and ended up having to eat it myself. Actually, there is still some in the tin from last year. It's probably pretty stale by now. I just forgot about it!

Today I'm going to take Hallie to the vet for a weigh in only. I'm anxious to see if she has gained any weight. If she hasn't I'm going to be dissapointed. Then again I probably shouldn't expect much since it's only been a week. I so want to take Hallie out of the spare room and introduce her to the rest of the kitties but I'm afraid it's too soon. She is such a nervous little thing. She got scared yesterday just when I was in there trying to get those curtains hung. I'm afraid if I bring her out she'll get all upset and not eat again. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Good luck at the vet - I saw the new pics of her, and I think she is looking better.

I would suggest maybe short vists to start with the other kitties, with Jake there to support her. She what the vet thinks about her readiness to intergrate.
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Nothing special going on today, but it is the hubbys' birthday. He already got his present from me this past weekend, so all he gets today is a card. (or so he thinks anyway! I ended up getting him something besides what he asked for, so he's gonna be in for a surprise !)
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I haven't posted in a DT in a loooong time!

I woke up this morning after having a nightmare. I had a dream that Nakita was eaten by a shark! My dreams are weird and I think this one had to do with me reading the thread about Exotic pet ownership before going to bed last night.

In my dream, I just moved into a new condo that was huge, with a private swimming pool in one of the bedrooms (I know, weird). To make this long story short, the previous owners left a shark in the pool. I go into the room to see where Nakita was, and I see her sitting on the diving board overlooking the pool! Then I see this huge shark, like JAWS swimming beneath the diving board and he came up and ate Nakita! Then I woke up and my heart was racing.

I'm back to normal now - or as normal as I can be

I'm a little worried I won't have enough Halloween candy. Last year was the first time we lived in this neighbourhood and we gave out ALL our Halloween candy within an hour!!! The kids swarm edour area and it freaked me out. At least 140 kids came to my door, it was non-stop. I guess I'll have to go back to the store to get some more just in case it's the same this year.

And to quote Ady: Woohoo - Survivor Night!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Good luck at the vet - I saw the new pics of her, and I think she is looking better.

I would suggest maybe short vists to start with the other kitties, with Jake there to support her. She what the vet thinks about her readiness to intergrate.
I'm not seeing the vet today. Just weighing little Hallie. I keep thinking about short visits too. But I'm afraid she'll get nervous and start hiding somewhere and I won't be able to find her. I guess I could close off the other rooms and just have her in the living room. I have a sliding door so I can close it off.
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That is a good idea to limit it to one room.

Kass - I can understand the freaky nightmare thing - get themall the time. I still think a shark would think Nakita is too pretty to eat!
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Well, this as been an odd Thursday. I tried to reply to a this thread and it told me I was not registered. I got a little worried and thought I might have offended someone one the board. I rebooted my computer and low and behold, here I am.

Today is my Friday - Yahoo!!! Don't have to be back at work until next Tuesday.

Kass, sorry about your nightmare. Don't you just hate when that happens? Fortunately for all of us, Nakita is safe and sound.

Tammie, good luck at the vet's office. I think Hallie has definately gained weight. She looks much better from the first pictures I saw of her. She looks loved.

Another rainy day here. When is it going to stop? ((groan))

Have a good day!
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UGH..the last 2-3 nights, i've been having nightmares again....OK life, stop throwing the stress my way, i've had enough misfortunes to cover about 10 people this year, want to let me end the year on the right foot? this has been a year of Murphy's Law for me; anything that can go wrong, HAS gone wrong.

other than that, still hanging in here, 1300 miles from home...
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I am soooooo cooooooold!!! The warm weather we have been having left, so now the winter has come. Its now about 32F and a thin white layer on the grass and the side of the streets...

Pollýanna has been sleeping on our bed, which she did before I had my son, but after that it was not allowed. But now she has the thing on her head to keep her from eating/licking her hair off, and she is so pissed. It seems like she decited that since she has to have that thing on her head, she is gonna sleep on our bed, and she has now for 3 days, and I don´t have the heart tell her not to (actually I want to let her sleep there all night with me, but my s/o isn´t all that keen, after realizing the difference in cat hair/no cat hair in our bed after Oliver was born)

I´m taking a dyslexic course and really think it´s gonna be helpful. The only bad thing, is that it´s two nights a week and kind of interfears with the yoga class I was gonna take, and the tv program...
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Hi everyone. Borrowed a car so I can actually leave my house today! Have to get halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters, pick up 40lbs of raw meat for Bella, and do some cleaning. Maybe start my holiday shopping. I can't wait for our car to get fixed!!

Hope everyone has a good one!
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It's cold here as well. Looks nice and black outside as the clouds gather near the mountains. Poor Kenai is being bombed by three trips! She has tried moving to several spots on the carpet but she still is being used as a mini nascar track! LOL I feel like telling her I know how she feels because they run over us at night. Wink loves to walk on my face in the middle of the night.

Nora, I am sorry you had trouble accessing the site. There are still a few hiccups we are experiencing. Glad at least your hiccup didn't last that long.

Everyone have a great day-
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Hi Guys.

I woke up two minutes Can you tell I love TCS?

It's HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! Woohooo!

I'm going Trick Or' Treating after school.

Can't wait! LOL!

Hugs Sam.
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nada much today, pretty quiet thus far. warm muggy morning but there is some breeze...not many kids in this neighborhhod, those that have kids are pretty staunch against celebrating Halloween, so they take them to church down the street and have a little party that is non-Halloweenish...

craving orange slices candy so munching on those, haven't had coffe in a few days now but did drink some vanilla pepsi
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Well today has been a stressful day. Had to take Zoey to the vet for a lump under her chin I have a thread in the health forum. She's on antibiotics now. She's going to be ok.. still scary stuff though. *sigh*

Then tomorrow saki has to go for his shots .. nervous about that too since I hear so many stories about cats having reactions to shots meh.

Tomorrow nite we're supposed to go to a Halloween party.. maybe that will help me relieve some stress!!
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Sicy are you guys dressing up in costume??
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Yeah I am going to be a dead prom queen and my fiancee will be the king

Pictures will be taken of course
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dead prom queen? reminds me of the movie "Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou"
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Yes here is an example.. couple years ago

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Sicy are you often dressing up as dead prom queens???
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Hmmmmmmmmm. someone seems to have a dead prom queen fetish. I think Freud would have a blast with that!
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lol.. basically.. its an easy costume, inexpensive and I like to scare people..
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Brought the 3 fosters in this morning for their retest and speuter. All three tested negative and the boys are neutered. They are holding them overnight since they had some diarrhea and will spay Billie in the morning.

Caught "Lucky" again to retest him for FeLV. His 3 littermates and 4 from the previous litter from the same mom were positive for it and Lucky is truely lucky - he was negative once again! He's tamer now after his neuter last month and the time I've been spending with him. It only took one vet tech and I to draw blood and give him his booster shots. Last time they had to knock him out to draw blood. That's a big WOO HOO!!

Making 3 pumpkin pies tonight for the party at work tomorrow (I keep one). Last night I cooked a pumpkin so the pies will be truly from scratch (no canned pumpkin in my house)!

Made a suggestion to my boss about our upcoming re-organization and got a co-worker promoted as a result of it. Won't she be surprised when she finds out?!? I get different responsibilities - some that I want to do and some I don't but comes along with the job.
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it has been a good day for me i only had to work until 10:00am today because i had to take my dad to the doc. and everything went well there, thank god.. then i came home and the weather today is beautiful 75 today and sunny, alittle bit of summer back, but im sure it is short lived anywho, i took blackie a long walk and he loved it, a little stray came around and big bad blackie was wanting to get after it i had to carry him home after that, his days are numbered on the walks i dont take him out when its real cold, i set in the swing with stripey, he doesnt like to be down on the ground just sit in the swing after that i came in and got on here early, now thats a good day i have a busy day tomorrow though, oh well
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Man, WHAT A WEEK! Glad that it is almost over with! About time to go to bed, and tomorrow is Halloween...ugh scary! We are not big on Halloween at all...just a pumpkin and going out of town to see Zack's parents (about an hour south of here). That's about it. We are staying all weekend. Zack's father will be preaching on Sunday, so we are going to church. Need to find us a church here at home. It's just really hard to find somewhere where you really fit in. Well, good night everyone! Have a happy Halloween tomorrow!
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