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The funniest thing happened!

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I woke up yesterday morning with Luca making a funny chirruping sound. Checked to see what she had caught... packed up laughing.

She had caught one of my childhood toys - a soft furry baby seal. Prolly half the size she was - but she brought it to me and was soooo proud of herself. She spent the rest of the day and evening dragging it all over the house and periodically killing it. When she carries it, she looks like a lion does when it carries its prey. She has to walk with stiff wide legs! She is such a sweetie pie!

Just thought that I would share!
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AHHHH how cute!!!!
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They're so funny when they're killing inanimate objects. I had a little Coca Cola polar bear and Toes LOVES killing it all the time and it's about 1/3 his size (1/2 the size of a regular cat).
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That is so sweet!
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They really are a hoot when they kill inanimate objects. Fawn has a crocheted catnip ball that has become known as her surrogate mouse. She does it in with finality every day or so.

She also cracked us up when she (after several months of travelling exactly the same route from the window sill to the floor past Rob's computer) all of a sudden became aware of his mouse cover, which is a furry mouse with glasses (too cute!) She did a double take, attacked it, tossed it in the air and -- I swear -- delivered the killing bite, then proceeded to bat it around all over the house and downstairs. By the time I rescued it, poor Mickey needed new glasses.

She did it only once, has exhibited exactly zero interest in it since then -- go figure!
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So cute to see that I bet! Cats are just entertaining lil furballs that we adore.
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That is so cute!
A friend of mine has a cat that has a stuffed animal, that is her "baby". She carries it around everywhere, and talked to it, purrs and meows, that is so sweet to watch.

My girls have gone through periods where they kill shoes
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Sounds like Luca is an excellent hunter! Henrietta is too!
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What an excellent hunter you have!!
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That was cute!
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