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Clyde's Nightly Routine

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Hi all:

When I let Clyde out in the evening, he comes back in, eats, cleans, drinks, and is ready to play. After an hour or so of play he starts running back and forth through the house (about a 40 ft run), and I hear him "chirping".

What kind of communication is this?

I think he wants to go out and stay out all night. Could this be a sign of his interest in something out there?


P.S. I have eight more pics to go, and I'll be uploading probably on Sunday or Monday his different poses and attitudes.
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I haven't been keeping up on all your posts, but is Clyde neutered? Is he nervous or anxious when he chirps at you? Unless he has a lot of stamina an hour of interactive play after he has been outside probably doing a lot of exploring is a bit excessive. You might want to decrease the activity if he is panting or getting over-exerted in any way.
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Yes, he is neutered and declawed. He got out the first two times I emptied trash (despite my efforts to catch him), and it's become a routine. I've kept an eye on him, and he roams about 100 ft diameter around the neighborhood chasing bugs, sniffing, or just sitting on the grass watching the world go by. He also goes across the street and plays with the dachsund over there.

I think his chirping (after talking to me quite a bit) is wanting to back outside. I've been up several times all night (he's got me on his hours), and have left the front door ajar and he comes back in usually after a couple of hours.

I think I may have to start limiting him to one trip per night period. I'm afraid however, that I've opened the "Pandora's" box and may not be able to shut it.

I think that he was a previous indoor/outdoor cat and I may never be able to retrain him, but just keep an eye on him.

He hasn't panted yet, and appears to have quite a bit of fun. I was just trying to interpret what his chirping means, since that is the only time he does it.

Mike for Clyde
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my youngest cat Dirt (2 years) is a chirper! He also does it when he is playing (hurling himself around really). I think it is excitment and he is communicating his enjoyment.
All of my cats started off as outside/inside cats - now they are mainly inside/outside! dirt is not keen on this restriction but he is getting used to it. They only go out when i am there. It is hard to see him cry at the back door but at least I know he is safe and he soon gets fed up and zooms off to play with something else. dont worry about restricting Clyde - its better than being squished under a car! As long as he has lots to play with (sounds like he has)and attention he will be happy
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