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So I've been back at my parents place for about a week and a half and I wish I had the money to move out.

They are giving me a hard time about Emmett. Emmett keeps attacking Angel, the Shih Tzu. There isn't much I can do about it. Angel should stick up for himself. If he doesn't like Em bugging him, he needs to bark or growl or attack back. No, the dog does nothing then I have my parents giving me a hard time. Saying the cat will have to stay in my bedroom or the basement. I think that is animal abuse. I really don't think Em would put up with that.

Right now he is in my room with me and I've been playing with him. At least he knows I love him around here. Poor little guy. Not only does he have the stress from the move and being in a new place he has to deal with my parents yelling at him.

I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I'll take anything!!!
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That is a hard situation to be in. I think I would just keep Em in your room with you as much as possible. There's really not much else you can do since it is their house. Or maybe someone else will have some better suggestions.

Hope things work out for you and Em.
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I really don't think Angel attacking Emmet is the answer here. One bite from even a small dog and Em could be in a world of hurt. I would keep Em in your room and try introducing the two critters (with help) in very small degrees. If you do a search on the board for introducing cats to dogs, there are a lot of threads about this.
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Emmett is quite a character!
I agree with Hissy and mzjazz2u. It is really up to you to fix the situation.
Good luck!
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I think it would be best if you kept Em away from Angel and your parents. I would have nobody yelling at my pets.

Take care and give ems a big hug for me!

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Right now I would suggest keeping Em in your room when you're gone and then letting him out supervised when you're there. Tell your parents not to yell at him and when he attacks Angel you need to jump and discipline Em yourself. That may be taking him into your room or locking him in the bathroom (someplace safe) for a little bit. My bathroom was a safe place where I'd put Toes whenever he'd misbehave and then I'd let him out in a couple of minutes (usually all it would take). Gentle discipline will teach Em to stop attacking the dog. Yelling won't do any good. It will also show your parents that you're responsible (which is a good thing for a kid at any age, even mine--35).
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