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Update on Rhianns Kittens

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OMG have they changed!!!!

Here's the white one
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Here's the Lynx point
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Here's the long legged one and we arent sure on the color
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Oh Sandie they are too sweet!
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How adorable! They've grown so much in the past couple of weeks! Oh how I wish I were there to give them loves!
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OMG it cant get any cuter then that
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adorable...can I cast a vote on the LL one being seal point and white? Cuties, all 3
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Our first guess on the LL kitten was seal point W/ White, but when you see her first hand, she has no real color on her feet/legs, and the tip of one of the ears seems to be red. We are hoping as she grows, we can give her a color
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Hmmm...reminds me of my Larissa...she is a seal tortie and white, who as a kitten, it was hard to differentiate between the white and the cream and pink colors as they came in. Her ears are stripped part white, and she grew to be stunning (imho!). I'm attaching a photo of her

I love colorpoint colors, and while this is a LL kitten that I'm not sure if it's destined for a loving pet home or a breeding program, I wish you all the best with (as well as with its littermates).
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Could that baby turn out to be a bicolor smoke??

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No matter what coloring they are soooo special!!!!! I can't stop ooooing and ahhhhhhhing!!
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I really love that Lynx Point. What a little doll.
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