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Spastic Kitty

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I'm new to these fourms and have read several messages that sound like the problem I'm having. I've seen posts saying use a spray bottle, but then I see not to use it cause it instills fear in your cat. I'm almost at my whits end in how to resolve the problems I'm experiencing

This is my first cat, growing up with dogs all of my life, so this is kinda new to me. Anyway, my little 'goober' was spayed almost a month ago after having gotten her from the shelter a month prior. They guesstimated she was 1-2 yrs old, so I'm not sure exactly how old she really is. I figured, and was told, that once she got spayed, she would settle down. That lasted about a week, and she was back to being a little spaz. I'm in the process of trying to ween her of getting up on the counters (wrinkled aluminum foil). I'm trying to find a way also to make my apartment a non-Indy 500 domain. Whether it is at night while i'm trying to get to sleep or the evening while I'm relaxing, she suddenly starts bolting around the apartment, on her little racetrack. Friends tell me she is just being a kitten and she'll grow out of it and be much calmer. I don't know if it is just me being my impatient self, but I'm almost ready to find her a new home. What to do what to do?!?!
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Yup, your friends are right. She's being a kitten. That's what they do. She will settle down, eventually, probably.

If you have a really vigorous play session with her before your bed time, she might sleep more soundly at night. Or not, but that's worth a try. And you know, you have to just sit back and enjoy the show! Kittens are a lot of trouble, but oh so cute too, and you have to just put away the breakables, and laugh.
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She really is just now discovering she can be a kitten. I know it's hard, I have three right now that routinely run amuck at night all over us, the bedroom and the dog. But if she was born in the streets- then her mom made sure that she wouldn't be able to play at all. Feral and stray moms keep their kittens tightly controlled because of predators. Then she was probably captured and stuffed into a cage where she couldn't play. So this is release for her, and she is not being spastic, she is just rediscovering the joys of kittenhood. You just need to be patient with her and not get frustrated-
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Yup, you're being your impatient self It's going to take longer than you thought, just hang in there. Nascar time is popular here too, as is sleep deprivation, especially since we recently got a kitten. After a while, they figure out the household rhythm and will realize you don't want to be disturbed while sleeping. Although if your cat really is 1-2, she may just be an active cat, in which case please consider playtime activities and interactive toys and cat trees to keep her occupied.

Good luck, and kudos to you for asking, don't give up! Rewards ahead!
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Yeah mine does that too. They get these funny spirts of energy, we call it "race car kitties" when they do it. I think my boy is loving being the top guy in the house.
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