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New Babies!!!

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My girl, Lily, delivred 5 kittens on Monday. 4 boys and a little girl. All are doing great!!!

I have posted pictures up on my website for everyone to take a look!!!!!


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OMG what ADORABLE babies!!!! Give them kisses on their teensy little heads for me!
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OMG how cute
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OMG I love the Blue Color Point Carrier so bad!!!!!!
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oh, they're ADORABLE!!!!! i want to scoop them all up and give them kisses.... LOL
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They are so sweet! Greetings!
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Helen!!! Haven't seen you around in a while! how are you, how is everything?
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The new kittens are adorable..

I especially like the Kai-U's OH Baby! ~ Blue CPC F
I WANT that kitten! lol
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Awwww what little sweeties
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How long have you been a breeder? You have the best babies. And your website is quite impressive.

Welp gots to go


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Thanks everyone!!! They are getting so FAT and growing way too fast!!! They are already 2 1/2 weeks.

The himmi boy..Pointer...is already 13oz...he is HUGE! Not even close to a month and almost the size of a 4 week old kitten.

I have only been breeding for about 4 years...thanks so much for your compliment Susanna! This is moms last litter so two of the babies will be staying with me. Wish I could keep them all b/c they are so nice!!!

Kai-U's Little Engine That Could has cleft palate and even he is doing amazing. My vet doesnt think he will need surgery, said whole is already loking better than it did at birth. He goes there weekly so the vet is watching him very closely. No one believed that he would make it even this far, butI told them all that I will do everything I could to keep him around, and hes great!!! He is smaller than everyone else, but boy is he strong. Crawls around my bed like its nothing!!! May just have to keep him too!!!!

I will keep updating with recent pictures so check back often!!!
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they are just precious
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