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Proud parent

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As you know Carol and I have a 4 year old son - going on 21 for intelligence I swear- and we are doing our damndest to bring him up right. Hes been taught from day one to say please and thank you, to pick up after himself, not drop litter and be polite. We always felt that if we started him right from day one, he may grow like us both and not ever get into trouble etc and always respect people, men , women, children irrespective of sex or color / creed / religion etc.
Friday last week we took him to nursery - I had a couple of days off and I enjoy taking him. Its rare for me to get there and I like to show my face and take an interest.
Mrs Smith - the head of nursery was in there and he walked in, took off his coat, put his name tag on his milk carton and said good morning to her. He then kissed me goodbye and off he went to play.
As we were walking out - Mrs Smith called me over. I am 34 and I felt like I was 4 being called into the office by the head teacher and i was actually nervous as hell.
Mrs Smith then proceeded to tell me that the way christopher spoke and interacted with the children and loved to assist with the counting - his politeness etc - well she said and I quote "he is a credit to you both".
I did not walk out of that nursery - I think I damn near flew with wings on my feet. I could have wept i was so proud of him.
We told him in the evening and treated him to a new tractor toy car he wanted some time ago just to say thanks.
Have never felt like that before and its a strange feeling as a parent but what a feeling.
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That is so wonderful and it is wonderful knowing that your good parenting skills are making an impact and that he is doing so well and he is well liked. Mega kudos to you Kev and Carol.
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Nice to know someone is trying to instill manners in their children! I think that's one reason I hate running the retail part of our store, 'cause lots of the kids have no manners and the parents and grandparents are rude. Good job Kev.
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Kev I think both you and your wife both deserve a big pat on the back. You are rightfully proud, but you should also give yourself the much needed credit as well.
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Kev, from all that you've written about your son, all along, I had a feeling he was a credit to both you and your wife. You sound like a wonderful, loving family. You too, are a credit to your upbringing. You love your wife, you love your son, you're sensative and caring, and you love animals, (at least as long as they're not frogs). As far as I'm concerned Kev, you're a true gentleman.
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That is great! Congratulations to you and your son! Good job!
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What a wonderful compliment for you and your wife. I know the best compliment I have ever given my father is "I'm proud of the way you and Mom raised me." I hope that someday your son will say the same thing to you.
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Kev that is wonderful. You guys certainly should be proud. I hope if I ever have a child I will be as successful in passing on those important values in him/her. Kudos!
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Kev - he is a testement to yours and Carol's love and committment to each other and him. I can't wait to meet him when you move to Canada.
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Kev- I'm so happy for you!
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Kev!! Congratulations!!! I hope we get the same remarks as well when our son gets into school It's all worth those few words to raise a child in my opinion
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wow Kev that is great, you deserve a pat on the back thats for sure way to go ((((((hugs)))))) sounds like you have one fine boy
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