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Litter Box Blues...

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Has anyone ever had a problem with a kitty that urinates really high in the litter box? I have one male, in particular, that does this. Clean up can be messy. I change the litter morning and night, and sometimes have to clean the inside hood of the litter box and the floor where the urine has leaked out. I know this is not pleasant. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, even though my litter boxes are "giant" size, I know my cats could use a larger box. (They are big kitties). Any suggestions??

Thank you,
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I have some that do that, and YES even though it hits the lid and runs into the box, it can leak. So far the only thing I have found to do is to put a cheap throw rug (carpet remnants, .50 to 1.00) under the box so the drips do not end up on my wall to wall carpet.

I'd like to hear other suggestions myself.
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I use those high walled Rubbermaid storage bins. You don't need a lid. They work for those high diggers and high pee'ers. . .and they work like a charm! I learned about them here on TCS. I also have corrugated cardboard underneath for any misses and messes.

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I use those under the bed storage drawers, it gives them a larger area to use and they aren't so prone to pee on the sides.
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Place the litter box inside a cardboard box. Cover the sides of the cardboard box with plastic bags such that the plastic drapes down over the edge of the litterbox. This way, if he pees too high, the pee simply runs down the plastic into the litter.
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the great ideas. I think I will try the rubbermaid bins. I purchased some liners that are made for scoopable litter. But they are more trouble then they're worth!

Thank you again for all your great ideas.


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wow that is a great idea about the rubbermaid bins i will be getng a male cat about 5 years old monday witch is buttons cat brother not by blood but thay grow up togeather and i did not want too see them serpated i got to try that for them it would be big enough for them both and keep the mess down thanks guys for the great idea,

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