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I'm back on my feet!!!

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At last! We just returned from the doctor and I have the all clear to get up and wander around

I'm starting week 36 now and the doc says that at this stage the risks of trying to delay the birth outweigh the risks of the semi-premature birth. So no more anti-contractions pills and I'm told I can stay out of bed, just take it easy and not do very intensive exercise (as it might stress the baby).

He also said the baby can come at any day now, as the cervix is totally effaced and I'm already dilated (he didn't want to check how much so as not to trigger further dilation). The baby is all ready - head down and well into the pelvis.

My first priority is to get all the work done - I have a lot of work waiting for me on both sites. Also, I think little Ron (he's 21 months old today), is a bit stressed out over this bed rest and change of routine. He's been spending his days with his grandparents rather than with me and I think he needs a lot of mommy TLC now.

Thanks for your prayers, good thoughts and support everyone!!! Most appreciated!!!
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Glad to hear you are okay Anne! But please don't over do it! Happy to see you back!

Hugs Sam!
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Hi Anne! Nice to see you online!
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Anne - I am glad the doctor gave the all clear to get up! I will keep you and the baby in my prayers. I wish you a safe and uneventful delivery whent he time comes (hopefully not too soon!)
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That's good news! But like Sam said, don't overdo it.

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Woohoo! Great news! And glad the baby's in the right position, breaches are worrisome. Take care.
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Yah Anne!! My friend had your same situation and was finally let off and still her daughter didn't come till the 40th week, and luckily everything turned out great for her! I do wish you the same also! hang in there! (((hugs)))
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Awww Anne, I am glad to see you here and doing well. Enjoy your time with wee Ron!
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Glad to see you back online Anne. Just remember to take it easy.
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Anne, I know you probably have so much to do but please take it easy and don't over do it. Good to see you though!
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Hi Anne! It's so good to see you back! and I'm glad to hear you got the go-ahead to move about.

Here's hoping for a safe on-time delivery!
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be good and take care of yourself!
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Hi Anne! Glad to "see" you back on your feet. Don't work yourself too hard!
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Hi Anne! Let me add my voice to the welcomes and admonitions not to overdo. Good to have you back.
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That's wonderful news. Take good care of yourself.
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I know you have a lot of work you want to get done, but please take it easy. I'm so happy you are no longer confined to your bed.
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That's good news - sending good vibes for everything to go smoothly for the rest of the pregnancy!
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Glad to have you back!
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Welcome back! I"m glad to "see" you again!
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This is such great news Anne!
I hope you and Ron can enjoy some quatity time together, so he won´t be stessed by the arrival of the baby.
Hopefully the birth will be a piece of cake when the time comes!
Take care!
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HI Anne! Good to see you are up and about.
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Anne, it's so good to hear that!!! Still sending loads of good wishes to you, baby, and the rest of your family!!!
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Welcome back Anne! Take care of yourself & your boys!
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Hi Anne - Glad to to hear you are doing better BUT you take care of yourself - you're not done yet!! ((((((((hugs)))))))))

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Good to see that you're back on your feet but, remember - NO JOGGING!
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Take care and don't overdo it.
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I have to just add it was a pleasure working with you again this afternoon!
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Anne, so glad to hear things are better! Take care of the baby boy and get ready for your new precious addition to your wonderful family! Many congrats and love sending your way!
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Congratulations! (from a newbie on the other side of the world) Please take care of yourself and the coming baby!
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hey Anne,

congrats!welcome back!
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