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What other foods, not cat food, do your cats like to eat?

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I was wondering, what strange eating habits do some of your cats have? I have an adopted 13 year old, Katrina, who absolutely loves pretzels. She hears the plastic bag and comes running. I have a one year old female Pixe bob, Little Roar, who loves fresh ground peanut butter. I am not sure if she would eat the regular named brand peanut butter. When I was a kid, we had one that loved spaghetti and another one liked pancakes with powdered sugar

This is Katrina, the pretzel eater

This is Little Roar, the peanut butter lover
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some of them will eat anything! and others only like catfood

I am IN LOVE with you bobcat I want one so bad!
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Toes likes tomatoes (especially tomato sauce) and canned asparagus. He's even eaten pizza off the opposite end of the slice a person was eating he likes tomato sauce so much.
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Any fresh cooked meat products and Gweeky likes beans.
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Lets see here...Rusty only likes steak, bacon and ham. Babycakes eats steak, eggs, ham, bacon, chicken. Hef-cat eats steak, turnip grees, anything with tomato sauce, canned biscuits (prefers Hungry Jack flaky), bacon. Rurnt and Yum-Yum don't care for anything but cat food and Tiger will eat just about anything you put in front of him, even potatoes, asparagus, green beans !
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I forgot - they all love cheddar cheese!
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Mushrooms! He begs and begs for them, and doesn't care whether they're fresh, frozen or canned.
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Suma likes chickenb, has to be fresh off the stove of course and ham. Matty loves lettuce, steak and especially ham.
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Trent likes mashed potatoes, but he doesn't get them because he becomes a very gassy kitty when he eats mashed potatoes! Last night he decided that he likes Saltine crackers. He went digging into the package to get one.

Ophelia likes gravy and sauces. Especially alfredo sauce.

They both like a couple of drops from our fingers of melting ice cream and sherbert.
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The current mob aren't much for non-cat-food stuff, though Suzy does like yogurt and Cindy likes butter. Can't tempt them with anything else, or Fawn with anything.

Among their predecessors, though, there were some interesting addictions. The original troika (Shasta, Gryphon and Nibs) were BIG into people-food treats. Virtually any dairy stuff (Shasta and Gryph); virtually any cooked meat or fish, though especially chicken and sardines; tomato based sauces, chili, fruitcake (Shasta); junk food, especially Doritos (Nibs); pate (Gryphon, Shasta); Shasta and Nibs were the resident pot scrubbers -- Nibs, especially, loved casserole dishes that had browned on stuff around the edges -- he'd work on one corner for fifteen minutes and then move to the next, one paw in the middle to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. They were fun to share with!
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Twig my tabby loves anything that is bread related. We have to put our bread in the fridge or he will destroy the wrapper to get at it.
He also likes muffins, mostly the berry kind.
Rocket my Abby, loves Green olives. Not sure why
Luna likes cheese and lunch meat.
Isis isn't fond of much of anything, even wet cat food, (any kind or flavor)
Their all time favorite thing to eat scarily enough is Long Johns Chicken planks.(without the batter of course) I come home from work and they will cry and cry if I am carrying a bag or box from there. it's weird, ya think they'd hate that smell by now since mom smells like that every time she comes home. YUCK! LOL!
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Amber loves strawberry fig newtons. pretty much anything we let her try, except ham. she wouldnt eat that!
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Pretty much, if we're eating it, they want it!

They love chicken, burgers, cheese, sour cream, lettuce (Yes, lettuce!), pizza cheese and cereal milk. Tillie and Jules like to lick the outside of our drinking glasses when they're full of a drink with ice. I guess it's nice and cold on their tongues. Khepera tried to eat some wasabi mayonnaise once, we wouldn't let him, we were afraid he's have problems with it.

Oh, and of course, TUNA!
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Peaches likes chicken. But I have to cut it up small for her. She likes beef but I don't give it to her. She gets the runs with it.
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Simba likes pretty much any meat that I will give him - beef, pork, chicken, fish. Because his tummy is touchy I only give him very plain meat - nothing spicy or in sauce, and I cut it into really small bites for him. It keeps him off of my plate while I'm eating, too, otherwise I have to eat with one hand and hold him back with the other!
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I was laughing when I read the replies Hmmm, lettuce and green beans. I never had a cat eat those. Jugen mentioned green olives. I forgot about those. I had a cat that loved them too and would go crazy after eating them. Sort of like after eating catnip I think the strangest one I have seen so far was mushrooms. Who would think they would eat fungus
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Zoey loves lettuce.. no clue why

Cheese is a favorite around here too.
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Roxy thinks he likes anything--he will steal it, take it away to a corner, decide he doesn't like it and then just leave it there. Some things he will actually eat are beef jerky, brick cheese, pepperoni (only from a pizza, not plain), sauces/gravy, and just about any kind of meat. Something I don't understand is that he does not like fish (?)

My RB cat Cuddle needed to have a plate of spaghetti whenever we had it, and one of my other RB cats, Snuggles, would eat just about anything.
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meow meow loves roast meat and it must be from that particular store down the street.. she takes ice cream and a little bit of milk too...she loves our new year goodies here too and oh, she fancies prawn crackers....

boy boy is the rubbish bin in the family.. he would want anything that you are eating.. be it chicken, veggie or any fruits... he just want a taste of it.. his fav recently is a plain sweet muffin that we can get from the market here. he goes mad when he see you with it. oh, he loves our tropical fruit durian too!
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my stripey would probally eat anything, he bums what ever you are eating, but i only give him, chicken, turkey, or cheese and only a little because he gets sick if he gets very much, now blackie only likes 2 things, popcorn, and only 2 pieces and the white meat from KFC and only the meat he dont want the crust
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I'm a bad mom and don't give them much of an opportunity for anything other than cat food. But with that said, they all love to help me eat the roast turkey at Thanksgiving (they all get their own plate), and Stumpy, Scarlett, Muddy and Koko love Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers. I put the tail end in my mouth and make them take it from me (I make them work for it and I get a little kitty kiss in the process - I'll post a pic someday). Well, OK, a lot of them like Rice Krispies (raw no milk) - found that out when I left the box out one day.

My Hippocrates liked cantelope juice and the salt from pumpkin seeds. Miss Hyper loved spaghetti (sauce and noodles).
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Add Ivo to the list of lettuce lovin' cats. I've tried good cold cuts (london broil roast beef, buffalo chicken breast) and home-cooked meats (pot roast, pork roast and chicken). Nope, Ivo likes lettuce and lettuce alone!
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My cats eat basically anything!

Yogi loves choc cake.

and they all love chicken the best

Lettuce is a fave around here as well
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My girl Stevie loves any tuna of course, that's a given!! She never meows, but when she smells the tuna, I can't shut her up, but she begs for food like a dog! I think it's because she's from the streets and thinks she still has to scrounge for food. Berk, my male, was nicknamed Frito because of his love for fritos. He also used to beg for the tomatoes off of my beef meximelt from Taco Bell. :kitty5:
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Mynx likes the greens from carrots...
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Sam you do know that chocolate is toxic to cats don't you? I do hope you do not feed any of your pets chocolate, as it will endanger dogs and cats, and can even kill them depending on what type of chocolate it is.
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Mary Anne- Yup of course I know that!
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Cheese and tuna (though neither is suppose to have the tuna) is popular here too.

Sphinx likes pork rinds, turkey and chicken (freshly cooked) and potato chips.

Kuce likes margarine, milk (though she isn't suppose to have it), pineapple/coconut fruit juice and pork rinds.
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Zero eats potato skins.
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My kitties looooooove the water from tuna poured on their food. They also love cheese, and yogurt. I've caught Onyx licking out yogurt containers if the kids leave them on the table
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