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Levi & Jordan's 1st vet visit

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Well I go 100% good new on Jordan. He looks like a good normal kitten. They both got pills for the tape worms which is good now I don't have to worry about either.

Now Levi. Well it's not bad, but it's not good either. The only thing he has is a heart murmur. Which means there is a slight possiblity that he has a heart worm. Which I'm freaking out aboout. They took blood to do two differnt tests. I guess because cats hearts are smaller there is usually only a one worm infection, which means that you have to test for both male & female worms. I'll be honest knowing he has a murmur is going to make getting him nuetered that much harder because I'm going to be afraid something will happen under anistetic. I won't know until Friday about the heart worm test so until then I just have to wait, but I'll be honest I'm freaking out.
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Good news about Jordon.
try not to worry too much about Levi. My Mischa has a heart murmur. She is now over 10 and they only found it earlier this year! Shes big and strong (although a scardy cat when it comes to visitors). It doesnt debilitate her in any way that i can see. Before I knew about it i never worried over much about anisthetics etc (she was spayed at about 6 months) and she is regularly groomed. I'm glad i know but am always a bit aprehensive.
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Thanks for the response Tulip. My cat who just passed away (Smokey) Had a heart murmur from about the time she was 10 or 11 on & she lived until she was 17. I was concerned that because of Levi's young age about 6 months, this meant a life long battle with CHF. Which after doing a little reseach I'm not as concerned about. I am still worried about the nueter just for the under anestetic stand point. Just like in humans any time a cat goes under anestetic it's a risk. Now I'm mainly worried about the possiblity of heart worm. From what I've read heart worm is a death scentence for a cat. If anyone knows better than this please tell me. I've read (& the vet said) that it's rare in cats, but because he was a stray the vet felt she had to rule it out. If anyone knows of any good info on heart murmurs or heart worms in cats please pass it along. When Smokey was diagnosed with CRF the thing that helped me the most was educating myself on what was going on in her body & what was going to happen to her. Yes it is sad, but at least I was mentally prepared (well at least as prepared as one can be for the roller coaster ride of CRF)
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just read your other thread re Levis heart worms - glad everything worked out okay for you both.
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