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Anyone, besides me, holding their breath until the remake of "Planet of the Apes" comes out??

*sigh* I remember days as a kid watching the trilogy at the neighborhood theatre, the taste of movie popcorn, the sticky floors..... *sigh*

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Gee, Ken, I don't know. I really like the originals. I don't know why Hollywood has to mess with classic stuff by doing a remake. The other thing is: I still remember the twist ending of the original. (Won't spoil it for any of you youngsters if you have never seen it and it's all new to you). I can't imagine looking at the remake in the same way, because I already know the twist.

Oh, but what the heck! I'll probably end up bringing the kids to it anyway.
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Ken; I gotta' say I was as bad about the Planet of the Apes movies as some Trekkies are about that series. I like Mark Walberg and I am anxious to see his "take" on the character. . . . . I hope they don't spoil it too much from the original.
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I like the older movies too. I can't wait to see the new one just to see how different it is going to be and with all the special affects. I think it starts here on the 27th.
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I am really looking forward to this. I barely remember the orginal.

mtv did a half hour special about the movie & WOW!
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PUHLEEZE!!!!!!! I don't need to watch a movie to see a bunch of talking apes.: I can simply go into work and it won't cost me a thing!!

I remember the original. Didn't care for it so I probably won't waste my time with the new one. I'm more into "chick flicks".


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I don't know if anyone know but it is not really a re-make. This time it is NOT taking place on earth. The astronaut lands on a planet with where
apes were the species to advance on the evolutionary ladder. I am really looking forward to seeing the special effects!!! This is a must see with me.
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Hmm, didn't know that. Pretty sure I'll check it out.
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I don't know if everything has been done at this point in history, judging by Hollywood however, it would appear to be true. Instead of re-hashing old favorites, how about something that hasn't been done before? Maybe a bit more effort?? I know the Planet Of The Apes story already...
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Not sure if I'll go to the theatre for this one, but will rent it when it goes to video.
I saw a picture in, I think Parade magazine, of one of the ape creatures...looked just like Michael Jackson, or maybe LaToya? Kinda freaked me out!

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I want to see it. What are your guys opinion about Cats and Dogs? If I could make a movie, those cats and dogs would be friends. Gees, if I made a movie, everyone would be friends, no enemies. It would be very boring and not even children would want to see it.
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I can't WAIT to see the Planet Of The Apes movie!!! I loved all the Tv shows!!!!!!! I hope to see the old favorites, like "Cornelious" and others, and I hope it jives with the older shows.
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I took my daughter to go see Cats and dogs and it was OK. I just had a hard time getting into the movie. I loved the attitude though of Mr. Tinkles. Just like a persian. LOL :tounge2:
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I didn't like the original POTA and I didn't like the previews of the new one. I think it's not fair that both show apes as cruel and mean, when all the time we are the species that is torturing them.

I can't wait for Lord of The Rings to come out in December! That would be my movie of the year, unless it's really badly done I loved the preview!
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I'm sure I'll see POTA at some point. I hadn't really paid to much attention to the media hype until this thread came out, as I get disgusted that Hollywood can't seem to come up with something new. Now, after paying some closer attention, I see that it's a Tim Burton film. That's really changing what I expect from it. Look what he did to Batman. I practically want to shoot myself in the head after seeing one of those. He films in such a dark and depressing manner.
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Didn't Tim Burton do that "Nightmare Before Christmas" film :bat :bat :bat
NOW that was one TWISED movie
Also, I think he had something to do with "Edward Scissorhands"
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Oh he did those, alright. Edward Scissorhands is my other "claim to fame" movie. It was filmed in the development where I used to live. They used one particular street of houses. They repainted them all those funky colors. People whose house were used got paid some fat cash for that. A girl I worked at Wal-Mart with was one of them. The builders had to post signs that the colors weren't the real look of the neighborhood, as construction was still going on, and people began shying away from the development. My house was where the "castle" was, which didn't exist there on the set.
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What's this about Lord Of The Rings??? I can't imagine improving on that! I grew up on The Hobbit,etc., I'll be crushed if it is ruined. Re: Cats and Dogs...I haven't seen it yet but from what I have seen on the ads, Mr. Tinkles reminds me very much of my Himi-her name is Ivy. She has a "gentle badger" kind of personality...
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Sandie and I saw "cats and dogs" the day it came out...

It was cute.. but I would have rather rented it....

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That's the same territory that Shrek is sitting in. Boy that Eddie Murphy sure has sold out over the years.
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