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another wiggly worms question

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If I screwed up the correct posting process, forgive me; *whispered* it's my first time.

After spending years as a "dog person," I decided my apartment was more appropriate for a cat so I got one (making me now a dedicated "cat/dog person"; don't tell me there's no middle ground).

(Sorry. I'm currently living in Tennessee and people actually think in those terms down here in the boonies of the US)

But enough about myself, let's talk about me for a moment. :-) My cat is now four years old, and loses much of her fur along her hindquarters and tail every August. This is also accompanied by what appears to be something quite itchy until the fur comes back in around late September-early October.

This year, however, the fur came back but the itching seems to have gotten worse. I have tried every remedy I can think of--flea baths, putting a light coating of cooking oil on her skin, etc.--but nothing works. And there is no sign of an infestation of any kind.

Someone just suggested to me that she has worms. I've found none of the usual evidence of this, either in her litter box or in her eating habits. In fact, she's gotten to be rather pudgy. Accordding to my advisor, however, cats supposedly scratch and bite their hindquarters if they have worms.

Sorry this turned out to be so long. If anyone's still with at this point, I throw it out to your expertise. I'm not adverse to seeing a vet (my cat is my best friend after all) but sadly I'm also very, very poor and would like to see if there's a way I can help first. Thanks for listening.
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I would not jump to worms as the cause. It sounds more like an allergy to the food or something in the air at that time of year. I have actually seen 3 of these cases in the last 2 months. I would go to the vet and have some tests done. They can find out what is at the root of the problem. Ringworm would also be a possiblility. It is not an actual worm, but a fungus. Let us know what you come up with.
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Hi the catwalk and welcome to the forums!

I agree with Sandie - I'm afraid you should really get her to the vet. IT doesn't sound like worms to me either. Could definitely be an allergy (to food or to something else). Only a vet can perform the tests and tell.

Do you have any low-cost clinic your local shelter can maybe refer you to?

Your first post was great!
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