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I just wanted to know how little Mae is doing?
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Bumping for MaeMae info!
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thanks for asking!!

She is WONDERFUL! I wish I knew how to post pics, I will try and bring some in and have our web guy scan them for me.

She is a little pistol, into everything. Her and Copeland get along weonderfully. I love watching them tear around the house chasing each other.

The way our house is set up, is that cracker and barrel hang out downstairs, they won't come upstairs because they don't get along with copeland, and copeland only goes downstairs to the kitchen to eat and drink. Mae is the only cat who has the entire run of the house. She hangs out upstairs with us and copeland, and at other times she'll be laying around downstairs near cracker and barrel.

she purrs as soon as you pet her and she sleeps snuggled between my knees. she loves to run up and down the cat tree that I bought on ebay and when she's finally worn out, she'll hang out in the top bed on the cat tree.

she's getting so big! She's such a joy in my life and I love her to bits. I'll try and get some pictures posted!

I have sent some to Laurie, maybe we can get her to post them? *hint hint*

thanks so much Kellye for asking about her!
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Awww she sounds so wonderful! I'm glad little MaeMae is getting along so well in your home. I hope Laurie does indeed post some of the pics you've sent her!!!
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Yes come on Laurie! Share that wonderful scrapbook Colby made for you and Gary!!!
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I am so glad she is getting along so well with everyone. She is a little sweetie!
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I too was wondering how the little cutie Mae mae was doing... I am glad that she is doing fine and prospering.
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looks like we are all thinking about the same thing.. i was wondering about how little mae mae was doing when i was flipping my folder of pictures...
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Awww! I'm glad she's settled in so well. Sounds like she's taking over.

We really must get Laurie to post pictures.
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Glad to hear Mae is doing well.

I'm pretty sure we would all love to see some photos.
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