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Wednesday Daily Thread

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Well, another cold morning! Yes!!! I am glad the 100 degree temperatures are over with!! I have a test today in Psych...hopefully I can do well to bring my average up. I have to make the decision soon rather or not to drop the class! I can do it! (LOL) Hope everyone has a splendid Wednesday!
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Thank goodness someone else started this - I was afraid that I would make the same mistake as yesterday and start another monday thread - thats the last thing anyone needs, three mondays in a week!

Dang, its cold here BRRRRRRRR!

Hubby went to a play last night for school, and I stayed home, I was not in the mood to go out

Gym today, again, and we are supposed to go to volleyball practice tonight, but I don't know if we will go, its not mandatory.

The sun is finally shining inside the apartment - it doesn't do that during the summer, so its ultra nice!

I'm off to sit by the window and read my book.

Have a wonderful wednesday!
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Of course you can do it - you are brilliant!

Well I slept fairly well for a change last night. I decided I had to do something to get to sleep so I decided on a change in scenery. I slept in the spare bedroom. I think that I will do that again tonight and then I should be fine to go back to my regular room. In the spare room there is no clock so I can't clock watch.

I am going to the movies tonight with some friends. They want to see Beyond Borders but I would prefer Radio. It will be 2 against 1 so chances are Beyond Borders it is.

Doesn't it feel like it should be later in the week the Wednesday. This week is taking forever to pass.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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It is raining... again. Today I was smart enough to remember to bring an umbrella with me to class (unlike Monday). Ohhh... and the other 'must have' items for when it rains... my slippers.... I remembered those too. You see, the thing is, I HATE the feeling of wet socks... This way, while I'm at work inbetween classes, I can change into my booties and let my socks dry (and my booties are wicked comfy!).

I get to register for spring semester tomorrow. I'm looking to take 19 credits... 3 English courses, a philosophy course, a religious studies course, phys. ed... oh, and I'm going to take a Women's Study course, distance ed., through a local community college. Should make for a fun semester.

Today I have a bunch of reading to do... and a paper to write. I had an exam yesterday (and I'm thankful it's over), and another exam coming up on Monday. Ick.

So... I hope everyone has a good Wednesday. Only 2 days until the weekend!

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As I stumbled out to the patio, coffee, cigarette and book in hand, Pearl gamboled around me, to show off her new toy - a dead, dismembered lizard. JUST what I need, first thing in the morning. When she tried to drop it in my lap, I drew the line. I realize that she is very proud of her "toys" and loves to show them off but, dead lizards just don't work for me.

What a draggy week. I get a break in the monotony, today - an hour-and-a-half training session.

Happy hump day!
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It's raining, it's pouring...neither of us are snoring, since I woke up at 7 o'clock to find the basement flooded AGAIN. We had to move most of the catboxes upstairs, and we're running the sump pump trying to get rid of the 2" of water that covers the entire basement. I am so glad I'm working from home today!

Lil had to see what all the excitement was in the basement. She managed to find "stepping stones" of furniture, the mower, etc to get to the top of the washing machine, and sat there shaking her paws "FEH!" since they did get a little wet. When I headed upstairs, she looked at me and meowed pitifully for me to carry her up. Of course, I did.

It's supposed to rain a few more inches today!

Oh, and I just discovered NOW that we're out of cat food...
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Its cold here too and me and dd are both sick with colds. What a night....
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Raining out my way too. Poor farmers are having a heck of a time trying to get their crops in before it's too late. And right now they can't do a thing until it dries up a little. Must be stressful when it's your livelihood. Hope things dry up soon.

Feeling lazy today. I'm pretty caught up at work so I may take the powerpoint course today. We have the online training available and are entitled to 24hrs company time to upgrade our skills. I know Powerpoint but I also know there is so much more to it.

Tonight it's Avon night. Have to get all my orders packed up and new books stamped and ready to go. Also have to finish GST. *ugh*

Have a great day everyone!
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Hi Everyone!

It is also raining here. It started out snowing yesterday and then it turned to rain and it hasn't stopped since. The rain is starting to have an blah effect on me.

Just today and tomorrow at work and it's off for a little getaway. I really need a little time off from work.

Kellye, I wish I could go read a book.

Julian, Good luck signing up for your classes.

Ady, I'm so glad you slept well!

Sue, Sorry about the water in your basement, hopefully the sump pump will do it's thing.

I think Max is getting over his ear infection. He is starting to struggle when I put the drops in his ears. When he was feeling poorly, he would just let me put the drops in his ears. I only have to continue the treatment until Friday. Yahoo!!

Have a great day!
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Still feels like Monday to me, Kellye! Hubby has a migrane, Mom and Dad are still in Florida on business, my clerk called in sick, so guess who's clerking today ? ME! Bah, humbug !Oh, well, at least this way I can spend more time here
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This week is slow. Son is fighting a cold and congestion. Hubby fighting cough. i'm sick with allergies but doing better than both of them sinc i'm not taking any meds. Today have the icky ultrasound to determine how far along i am. This one is not done on the belly.

Suuny day though
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
Today have the icky ultrasound to determine how far along i am. This one is not done on the belly.

Suuny day though
Been having to get alot of those with all of my tests the specialist is doing. Just remember it is easier if you relax - don't tense up!
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CRAP!! Ady, I'm so sorry!! One is enough but damn, a lot of those!! AArgh!!! (((hugs)))
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
CRAP!! Ady, I'm so sorry!! One is enough but damn, a lot of those!! AArgh!!! (((hugs)))
thanks - but it hopefully be well worth it in the end.
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Me I am still in shock for what I paid at the hair salon yesterday I had my hair color changed slightly to a darker blonde and it cost me $160. I almost had a heart attack. I should have asked what this was going to cost me before having all of that done to my hair Talk about the DUH moment Now I have to tell Ken how much it was today and am not looking forward to the tongue lashing I am going to get. IT's TIME FOR A NEW HAIR DRESSER!

Anyone want to kick me in the backside? I will gladly bend over for the foot up the hello!

Anywho have a great day!
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Don't you love how they tell you that you should do this or that to your hair, but they never mention price (or how long it will take) until it is too late!
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Boy - I have been very "chatty" today. But I have been getting owrk done as well!
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I think I have an addiction to quizzes!
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Holy hair dye Cathi!! I can't believe it cost you that much to color your hair! Thank god I do my own! I'm thinking about getting a perm though.

I had trouble sleeping last night. And I had two kitties on the bed so that didn't help.

Speaking of two kitties on the bed.... I'm convinced now. Peaches loves Jake. She will actually sleep with me on the bed when he is on it too! She wouldn't do that with any of the other cats. If Henrietta is on my bed, Peaches won't get on it. And this morning I was watching Sharon Osborne and Peaches was laying on the floor. Jake came over and Peaches started rolling on her side and looking up at Jake with her playful, happy look. So I think it's pretty much in the bag!

Hallie is waking up and being very noisy for her food in the morning. That's a good sign, right? I'm going to take her in maybe tomorrow to be weighed again. Please keep your fingers and paws crossed that she is gaining some weight.

Last night I bought some drapes for the spare room. The window is huge so I had to buy 4 panels that are 58" wide. I got them at the Burlington Coat Factory Outlet store. That is such a great place! They have awesome drapes and shower curtains there. And they are reasonable. Most are $14-$25. Anyway, I love these drapes and am thinking I may buy a couple more panels and relocate them eventually, to the living room. They are beautiful! I'll take pictures of them when I get them hung! Hopefully I will do it today if I can motivate myself. It may be quite the task since Hallie is in there. She has to have all my attention when I go in there!
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when will I learn to ask first??? When?? I should know that when my hair is long it cost more, but good lord that's unreal!
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Brrr it's cold here today! We've been having a hot spell and I guess it has suddenely ended. Woke up with Pepper and Bella cuddled up in bed with us for warmth.

Not doing much today other than baking Halloween cookies. I got into a car accident last week (all my fault unfortunately ) and our car will be in the shop 2 FULL WEEKS for repairs! Can you believe that?! My boyfriend is riding his bike to work, but I'm stuck at home and going stir crazy already trying to entertain myself.
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Originally posted by Big Kat
Brrr it's cold here today! We've been having a hot spell and I guess it has suddenely ended. Woke up with Pepper and Bella cuddled up in bed with us for warmth.

Not doing much today other than baking Halloween cookies. I got into a car accident last week (all my fault unfortunately ) and our car will be in the shop 2 FULL WEEKS for repairs! Can you believe that?! My boyfriend is riding his bike to work, but I'm stuck at home and going stir crazy already trying to entertain myself.
Are you ok after the accident?
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Ady, I hope also that you get what you want

Big Kat!!! Are you okay after the accident? Gosh jeeze that's a bummer!!!

Can we see what your hair looks like so that way you won't feel bad blondiecat? I prefer Loreal anyday to a hair salon. They are ridiculous. And I am a difficult person, the last time I went was when I was a teen and the lady was fussing over my frizzies and after washing it, she wanted to dry it I said 'no'. She looked so freaked out like 'what?!' I said 'no, it looks better when it can dry on it's own' so then she tried to put crap on there and I said 'no' and walked out of there. So I only use loreal chunk it color to put some color in it and then the loreal gel to put some control on the frizz and let it dry by itself. or if I want to straighten it, then put some coconut stuff in it, blow dry it and then get the flat iron. Talk about sizzling! I don't do that one often though, too long to do.

MzJazz, I don't know if you should get a perm, I mean, some of the ladies I know that get perms said it's neat and everything but then to keep up with it gets costly. If you get a perm get it professionally done though, home care products, if it's not done right, looks really bad LOL!
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Well slept in this morning with my beautiful Yogi!

Just off to school now.

After school i'm going to the shops with my friends to get angel wings for haloween and glitter!

See you all later!
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If you have sensitive skin, don't et a perm - it really stings. It should be done professionally or you will get the frizzies and could look aweful growing out.
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I can't believe it cost you $160.00!!!! It costs me $45.00 to get my hair colored and styled. If anyone charged $160.00 around here, they wouldn't be open for long!!

My friend lives in Detroit and she and her daughter got low lights and high lighs and a manicure and then presented her with a bill for $560.00. She was floored.
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Oh I'm fine! Thank you for your concern! It was a minor thing, no one was hurt, and the other car (well, big metal van actually) didn't have a scratch. Of course though, my car somehow got $2800 worth of damage! Sooooo frustrating.
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Glad you are ok!
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Is it Friday yet?!?! Today has been painful trying to study and answer over 300 calls already...eek! I have been trying to lay off the candy because I don't want to gain too much weight back! I am going to get back on the South Beach diet again soon...(I say that now, we'll see...) ok, I guess I should get back to it. I am getting too addicted to this place..HA!
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My salon is pretty expensive for colors, so I still do my own with the 28-day rinses, just to cover the gray. And now my stylist quit, so I have to try to find another. Sigh.

I'm apparently having a 'psycho-wife' day - my husband had gotten my package for my new TCS pen pal all packaged up for me, all I had to do was run to the post office to fill out the customs info and mail it off. Well, he had used a priority mail box, which can't be sent out of the country. So now I need to re-package everything, then go back to the post office tomorrow and try again. Not really that big of a deal, right? So why did I feel it necessary to call my husband at work and give him he** for doing it wrong??? Ugh.

Luckily, I don't irrationally lose it over stupid things very often, so he accepted my next phone call and my apologies.
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