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Cat needs a bath...

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I can say I am one of those lucky persons that have got my cat used to bathing once every month. It takes only some minutes and I feel I have to do it because Oscar goes out to the garden a lot, gets dirty and all that. But it's his first winter, and despite the fact that in Greece winters are not so cold, I still don't know if I should bathe him for some months. I'd really like it though, cause he could use some bathing. What are your suggestions? Is there a thing such as dry cleaning? Thanks
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I know this is an older thread, but I thought I'd reply since I didn't see any replies.

I think the most important thing is to determine is if there'll be enough heat or opportunity for your cat to dry out after the bath. If your cat can tolerate the sound you could speed the drying, by blow drying on a low setting. (or keep the cat in a well-heated room)

Another option, check the pet stores. Some sell these hand wipes that are good for both cats and dogs. They may not be as thorough as a bath, but they should work in the interim.
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Thanks for replying! I probably missed the other thread when I searched. I think hand wipes will work just fine. The vet told me not to bathe him during winter cause he gets colds easily, and he can't stand blow drying. Thanks for your advice lovemypets
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Cornstarch works just as well, sprinkle it on him, wait a few minutes then comb it off. I wouldn't worry about bathing him, especially if he gets colds easily
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Thank you for the info hissy!
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I bought these wipes from Petsmart and they are awesome. They really clean the fur and can be used to wipe the outer ear too
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