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Hi! I am Maria, 19 years old and I found the site during my search for advice on how to stop my cat from scratching the couch (ouch...!). I found the now 8-month-old neutered Oscar last April (just one month old) very sick and ready to die. Fortunately, after hard tries he recovered and is now an adorable cat (and my first one!). That's a few things about me. Hope to get to know everyone soon and have a nice time!
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Welcome to TCS!!! and thank you for caring for and loving Oscar! There are alot of very Smart Cat people on here I am sure you will enjoy it here just as much as I do!! Again welcome to you and Oscar!
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a warm welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the site! I hope you were able to find the help you needed with Oscar scratching the couch. Of all the behavioral problems associated with cats, that one is probably the "easiest" to work with and fix.
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Welcome to this site , nice meeting you . I am so happy you found Oscar and helped him , he will thank you for that the rest of his life , with all the love he has for you .
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Thanks for making me feel so welcome! (Oscar waves) I already know I'll love it here. Yep, I found the ideas on how to stop him from scratching the couch and already started working on it! Thanks again for all the welcomes!
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
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welcome to the board!!!
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS! We would love to see kitty pics of Oscar! Catch you round.
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For now you can find a pic of summer Oscar at my personal page, at the about me section. I'll soon get some new pics of him and post them too
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A great big welcome to you and to Oscar!
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