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Is it just me????

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Or has anyone else noticed that there seems to be only 3 moderators (besides Anne). I know I was only gone a week but what the heck happenned??

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Some questions are better left unasked.
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A BIG AMEN to that, Sister Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No big secrets.

Blue has left the forums (temporarily I hope) because of internet time problems.

Donna has also decided to leave - all was in good spirits.

If anyone is looking for a part time job as a mod (not paying a lot... well, not paying anything, really ), then I'll be happy to have more mods. The more the better, as the forums are growing rapidly and I need more people to help me run the place. The basic requirement is that you can spend a lot of time on the site (preferably on a daily basis) so that you can go over threads and posts. Cat experts will be most welcome to moderate the "hardcore" cat forums, but human experts are needed for the general forums.

Anyone who's interested - just PM/email me.
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I was kind of thinking that Airprincess, Hissy, Deb25, Billie,Darlene, Dawn91, Mr.Cat, and several others would make good candidates....any takers?????
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Gee, Debby, I've already considered the position with Anne. Can't decide if I want to take off my own personal hat to wear the one of the Cat Site. Thought about moderating anonymously, so as not to confuse my views with the job. (Guess I just blew that idea by announcing it.) Also, come August, I'll be back to work and classes 2 nights a week.
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I don't have a "Real Computer" just this WEBTV thing that my nieces call a "Toy Computer" so there are a lot of things I wouldn't be able to do. God knows I have the time but not the equiptment. . . .
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Well, 3LK, you can't very well expect to have the latest technology in both bedding AND computers. People like me would start thinking that you were RICH or something.
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Girlfriend, no matter how you desguise it; you got a real case of 'WONDER BED ENVY' :

TLK *-*-*_V_*-*-*

Na,Na,Na Na,Na,Na
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Not unless you've got somebody in it that I'm currently unaware of.
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Deb25; Must be more of that Damn "Smoke & Mirrors" 'cause if anyone's here; he's INVISIBLE to me. . . . .


Could be the ghost of Gunther Gable Williams. . . . .
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Well, it sure as hell took you long enough to post THAT reply. I was beginning to wonder.......
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Dearest Darlene:angel2:

Is that little stick figure a representation of whom you've been hiding all that time???? Hmmmmmmm...Deb, I think we're on to her ....
Love ya Darlene <wink>

Love &
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