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I am really starting to realize just how big he's getting! Look at this pic taken about a month ago.

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Both of the men in your life are goregeous!!
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Awwwwwwwwww thanks!!
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I second what Cassie said!
I love the pictures!
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We have the same thing with Tiki...she goes nuts to have me hold her like an infant or to sleep next to me, curled up by my face.

This isn't a recent pic, but she was pretty attached from when she was sick as a kitten:

My girlfriend gets mighty jealous...

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Awww too cute...my cats are close to my hubby too
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OMG that girl looks so cute on you Scott
Sicy don't get absad with your sweetheart , I wish my hubby would be like that . So be proud of him that he has and show the love he has for your babies . BTW , the pics are gorgeous
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