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Need Healing Vibes!

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After 4 years of living up here in the wilderness I've finally found a Dentist that is gentle and has all the newest technology in Dentistry! I haven't seen a dentist for 4 years as I didn't want to go back to Toronto for a silly check up. The drive is so long coming home because of the traffic.

I saw my new Dentist for the first time last week and he did a cleaning and said no cavities, I was thrilled! Then he told me that I had to get 3 old cavities replaced, that's when I lost it. I like most people have had bad experiences with Dentists and I'm terrified of them, that's why I lost it.

My mouth is swollen, I've had a fever and pain since I saw him last. I phoned for an emergency visit but I had just missed him so I get to see him this Thursday. Oh, how I wish it was sooner! I have 2 upper molars 1 on each side to be replaced and 1 bottom molar. I wanted to have these replaced a very long time ago when I had most of the Amalgum fillings removed but the Dentist in Toronto said that is was quite impossible so I never went back.

I can't eat it's so painful, I've been taking Advil and I'm totally against taking anything that isn't a Natural Product, this is how desperate I've become. I look like a Chipmunk with two very full pouches!

Thanks for listening and thanks for the vibes ahead of time!
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That sounds terrible!!!! FYI: I know some dentists will prescribe valuim to help terrified patients relax and get through their appointments.

Positive healing vibes are on the way!
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Healing thoughts coming from me!!!!
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Healing tooth vibes on their way to You from me and Patches and Tiger
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Oh April! That sounds horrible! (My mother also HATED dentists, so I understand exactly where you are coming from.)

No pain vibes coming from Colorado!
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Positive vibes being sent your way. I don't like going to the dentist either. But I'm not terrified of them and have not any bad experiences.
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Calming and Healing vibes being sent your way.

I can understand your fear. I don't like the dentist either. The last time I went to one, I ended up seeing a dental surgeon with having four wisdom teeth removed and an overnight stay in hospital. I had the chipmunk look as well.
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I will say a prayer for you
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~~~~~positive vibes coming at you from Kansas City ~~~~~~

My husband is also terrified of dentists and is having his fillings replaced in 2 weeks. He gets gas to get thru it.
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I hate the full mouth x-rays!!!! I gag big time, and have to really concentrate to keep from hurling. there are lots of advancements in dentistry, why cant they come up with a way to get xrays without going halfway down your throat?? I am afraid I may have to get them in the spring. I'm not sure though.

I do brush twice a day and floss and rinse though

I hope you are better soon!
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Ugh, visits to the dentist! That's one of the things I never look forward to!
Healing vibes to SkyKitty!
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Healing vibes coming your way.
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I don't really mind the dentist. I may be weird but I like the feel of the drills and stuff!

Lots of good vibes and NO Pain vibes coming your way!

hugs and be strong hun!
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I was given Vicodin when they pulled out my wisdom teeth

hope you feel better soon
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Yes Wellington Cats - you are wierd!
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Ack! The evil dentist! I am sending get well quick vibes your way!
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