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Q Tips

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i had a Q tip out and dropped it and blackie grabed it up and took off and he played with that thing for a long time, i have never seen him play like that before, it was so funny, i didnt let him keep it for always i was afraid he would get it caught down his throat, but he sure liked it while he had it, does your cats like Q tips?
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Rowdy digs them out of the bathroom wastebasket.
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Tiger totes them around like a dog with a bone!
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omg that is so funny so i guess i should give blackie one to play with every now and then
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Rowdy digs them out of the bathroom wastebasket.
Same here We try to hide them at the bottom for fear of choking or what not...Little stinkers!
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My cats like anything they can swat around including pens, small combs and QTips.
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Rowdy has dug worse things, than Q-tips, out of the bathroom wastebasket. Also, no matter how far down, that I bury it, she gets the rubber band from the newspaper, out of the kitchen garbage. Once she gets it, she gives it to Buddy. The little witch is trying to get Buddy in trouble. I've caught her, in the act, though.
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we USED to keep the bathroom door open, but amber got into the qtips (then we put them in a drawer) and that was that. then I discovered a used tissue outside the bathroom. that was when it became off limits! if I gave her one to play with, she would chew it and eat it. she loves to chew on stick like things!
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My Chester also used to dig them out of the garbage. We bought a can with a lid that didn't open when knocked over. Chester was a kitty we rescued from an abusive situation, and he clearly had a fear of men. My husband began giving him 1 clean and unused Q-tip every Monday. After a year of bribery, he finally began to trust men.

I've never seen him come close to choking on it. Usually he tears off the cotton, then bats the stick around. Sometimes, he hides them and saves them for later.
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Pens, Q-Tips, and dont forget those milk jug plastic ring things. I have about 40$ worth of cat toys that go untouched. The current favorite is chestnuts. I guess the best things in life are free!
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Yep, I end up flushing them, becuase they always seem to know when there is a Q-tip in the trash. If I don't, I will find the contents of the waste basket all over the bathroom, but of course, the Q-tips would be gone.
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I should have mentioned toilet paper rolls. Amber just loves those! One of her favorite games is to watch us stack the rolls into a tower, then she comes running and knocks it down
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Fawn considers all wastebaskets to be her personal toy boxes, and of course, like all kids, she empties the toy boxes and leaves the toys all over the floor. Q-tips for sure, empty toilet paper rolls, tissues, you name it -- and of course combs, pens and such like, that can be batted off a counter or table and batted around the house -- hers -- her private property -- and don't you forget it, human.
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patches likes to play with twist ties so i have to make
sure there are none lying around
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Q tips are favourites in my house too but the best of all is the toilet roll. The holder broke and i have not replaced it so they can reach to loo roll. They chew and chew so the thing has little holes all over and then they bat it around - amusing for them - expensive for me!
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Toes loves q-tips and pens and bath puffs. When I moved from Chicago we found q-tips and pens everywhere!
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