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Constipation !

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Gus is very constipated, he has been on Lactulose for awhile now but due to the chemo drugs he's receiving his constipation is increasing,it's been many days since his last "movement" What else can I give him besides the lactulose? He won't touch pumpkin with a 10 foot paw. The chemo has had remarkable results otherwise, only one treatment so far but he looks and acts so much better than a week ago, I've got my cat back.
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You could try giving him some milk. That's what the vet recommended when we rescued Punky. She, too, was constipated and full of stool from whatever she was eating outside.
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When Russell was constipated, the vet suggested a small amount of Metamucil in his diet. The smooth texture original/natural flavoured one.

Though given Gus's situation, I would ring the vet and ask for other suggestions first to see what they say.

It's good to hear that the chemo started well. I hope Gus wins the battle.
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I always hear that milk isnt good for cats.

How bout vegetable oil in his food or a bit of butter?
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i think milk might work. supposedly it *loosens* everything up. maybe it would help with the, um, trouble. at least for a little while, dont start giving him milk all the time, that might be bad.
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Please don't give your cat milk- it is the only food that goes in liquid and comes out solid and if your cat is constipated, it will make the problem worse.

Try vegetable oil, cod liver oil, or cooked and mashed green beans with a little bit of butter, even catnip is a good source of fiber, though some cats won't eat it straight.
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We had one of our babies who was constipated and on top of it, she had a UTI. The vet first gave her an enema I think to help give her relief since she had the UTI. We were also given "Lax'aire", a laxative/lubricant for cats and dogs. It does contain cod liver and soybean oil plus other ingrediants. There are other items just like it in most pet stores. It does seem to help and our cat liked the taste, which is a bonus
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Thank you everyone. I think it's coming to the point where he needs an enema too, it's been too long. I tried a bit of canned salmon thinking the oils in that would help but nothing. To top it off he doesn't seem to want to drink now, he's always been pretty good at keeping hydrated. I am calling the vet when they open for help which means he'll have 2 visits this week since his chemo is on Friday. He loovves the vet If only you could make them understand what you are trying to do for them.
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