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Sleeping Kitty

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Ok, I love that my kitties want to sleep with me but my male cat insists on sleeping on my pilow behind my head. He just recently started this. My cats are going to be 4 in January (I still like to call them kitties!!!!) and I'm not sure why the recent change in sleeping. I don't want to move him because he is purring and seems so comfortable. I'm the one who is slighty uncomfortable but I'm dealing. Any input would be great!!
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Sounds very familiar. Mr. Bean sleeps on my head everynight, with his head on my head. It's become a ritual, the fight for pillowspace. Doesn't bother to sleep on my Bf's head though. I tolerate it, because he never stays there the whole night. Eventually gets tired of my restlessness and goes onto the couch. I think it's there way of being close, head to head.
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My Joji, does that too! I love to hear her purr so I don't mind it.
But what Olive_oil19 said is true, eventually they leave and go somewhere else.I am sure, curliegirlie, you'll get used to it in time!
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Is it getting colder around your area? Mine get a lot more snugglier in bed in the fall and winter months. And, Bogart has been sleeping on my head (or at least on my hair) nearly ever night for the last 12-1/2 years. I got him his own pillow that I tuck next to mine so he doesn't hog all of mine - you'll get used to it!! LOL
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That is so sweet. I would love if my kitties would sleep by my head
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You sure, Sicy? Mozart sometimes has ESB (EXTRA stinky butt) and that's usually when he chooses to sleep on my head. Butt end over my nose.

Pixie slept on our heads/pillows starting day one. Figured it was the warmest and safest place - no limbs startling her or pinning her down! Downside? You have personal experience with her silent but deadly ones, which happen to be plentiful right at sleeptime.

Of course, this is just storytelling, and we wouldn't trade the pillowsharing for the world. Don't worry, Sicy, I'm sure they'll start sharing your pillow too! It took Mozart a while before he'd sleep on us.
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omg LMAO

hmm cuddling.. stinky butt.. cuddling.. stinky butt...
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Neither one of my cats sleep at my head but they occasionally join me on the bed ond either sleep next to my side or at my feet....
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