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Horrible child neglect case in New Jersey

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I was just watching Fox News, there was a very disturbing story on about a family in New Jersey. There were 4 foster kids ranging in age from 9 to 19. When they found them, they are still alive, their combined weight was less than 150 lbs. The oldest is the size of a 6 year old, he only weighs 45 lbs. The youngest weighs 23 lbs. These poor kids were gnawing on the windowsills in an attempt to get something in their stomachs.

What I want to know is, what the h--l was children and youth services doing? How could this slip by? It has obviously been going on for a long time. I hope those parents get put in jail. The other prisoners will not be nice to them.
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Everything about this situation is horrible, but the part that's bothering me the most is that there were several biological children in the house, as well as foster girls, that were apparently healthy and normal. They were only starving the foster boys. For some reason, that makes it even more horrible to me.
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Here's a link to an article: neglected boys

Yes, the fact that all the other kids in the house were fine is very disturbing. It makes the actions of the "parents" even more evil.
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i can't believe this sort of thing happens...i just want to cry right now.
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what's even stranger is that they had 3 or 4 girls, who were treated totally differently (they were fed, taken on vacations etc.) They had also actually adopted most of the children, so they weren't under the same level of observation that they would have been as foster kids. The NJ social service agency has already fired 9 or 10 people, and changed their policies to require visits to continue for adopted kids for some period of time. At least they took action a little faster than they did in Florida, after they lost that toddler in the system.
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Thats sad and maddening at the same time.
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How horrible. The life long affects of this abuse will be unimaginable!
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There was a case very similar to this in my area about 5 years ago - undernourished foster children, well-nourished biological children, and youth services deaf and blind. One of the boys, Alexander, starved to death. The foster parents were convicted of murder, and Alexander's surviving brother, who had also been fostered and underfed by the same family, just won a huge settlement from the state a few months ago. It was a horrible case. I simply can't believe that nobody noticed what was going on.
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I'm not surprised this slipped through the cracks. With myself being in some many foster families, you are treated differently, some even despiteful, I'm not sure why they take care of foster kids if they can't or don't like them, unless they get paid for it. The first adopted family, I wish to goodness I could get that family arrested, especially their youngest son for the stuff he did and did social services do anything? NO they didn't. Swept it under the rug. And the second family that adopted me, I wish they were arrested also for the mental and physical abuse they put me through, especially the father who eventually became a sick pervert. Alas no laws to protect those that need it most.
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I've come to the conclusion that a lot of (though definitely not all) foster families are in it for the money they get. I also do not have a high opinion of social services in any country - they're overworked and understaffed. We had a case of child neglect and abuse in the neighborhood a couple of years ago. Several neighbors complained to youth services about how the child was being treated (put out on his own at 15 months in just a diaper in fall, dragged by the arm into the house when he "caused trouble" - talk about dislocated shoulders), and the authorities dismissed the complaints as "xenophobic" because the mother was an Australian opera singer! The situation got so bad that we organized things - called every day, and those of us who were "foreigners" (Germany is not officially a "country of immigrants", so those of us who were born and/or raised in other countries are referred to as "guest workers" or "fellow citizens born abroad" [ausländische Mitbürger]) the most, until the kid was taken away from his parents and placed in foster care. His parents moved, and now we have no idea what happened to the kid. Any info is confidential. The whole situation enrages me. The politicians get their aides and pensions, but very little is spent on the citizens. It sounds good when somebody says, "There's no need for orphanages", but what about the kids who are placed in any old family just so that they can be ticked off the list of "needy children"?
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