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My two cats are so quiet, they so rarely meow! Is it a personality thing? Are your cats vocal? They don't hiss either, the only sound they make is the little one will yell a little when her brother bites her!
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Well I have a chatter box who sometimes just won't shut up!

But my mothers 2 are different. Piper will only talk when she wants something and Cookie only squeeks when she is very happy to see you (her greeting).

I guess it is a personality thing just like in humans
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Some cats just arent very talkative. Zoey is a little chatterbox I love it. We can sit and meow back and forth to each other for a long time. She will even do little chirps or meow at me when I talk to her.

Saki meows too but not as much. If he wants attention he will sit by you and look at you and go "meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" then jump on your lap

I also know people who's cats dont meow at all.. just depends on their personality I guess.
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It's interesting! I had a cat when I was a kid who did meow a little but it was this gruff sound almost like a dog.

My two have only literally like twice to me.
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My two talk and if you talk to them they will meow right back at you. Though I have to say I think Esper learnt the behaviour from Russell. She wasn't much of a talker to begin with. She simply purred and did a few little chirps and trills.

Russell will hold a conversation with you. And sometimes when he's caught on the dining table and I tell him in no uncertain terms that he's not allowed on it. He'll begin telling me why it is his birthright to be on the table. Luckily, I've always won that arguement. Some days he'll look at the table and meow as if to ask, "Can I go up there now?" And I'll reply no and he'll saunter off sulkily. But then after a while he comes and curls up on my lap or sits next to me snuggling. I think it's a game or ritual now.

Esper will tell me when she is leaving the room, when she wants food, (usually NOW MOTHER!! meow kind of way) and when she is about to jump up on my lap so that I can give her attention rather than sorting out through my emails, surfing the web or like at the moment posting on the TCS.
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Marge, your cats must be the most contented cats I know. Wow, they don't hiss? at all? that is amazing!
There are days when my cats rarely meow too. But they hiss when one cat does not like what the other one is about to do to her; you know the signal for me that there is a potential fight about to happen!
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Haha, Sicy thought my cats were awfully quiet except for some meows from Pixie! They don't talk much, it's true.

Mozart usually does not make sounds of any sort. He has a silent meow, sometimes it's a tiny chirp. However, I found out that he has one heck of a growl, loud and scary like a dog's! After surgery, the vet reviewed everything with me, and he growled at her the whole time she stood there. Think he knew who caused him pain?

Ginza has a loud Siamese 'WOW' that he only uses when asking for something special. It sounds just like a question.

Kayla occasionally meows, mostly when playing. She's the only hisser, when Mozart or Pixie pisses her off.

Pixie is a talker baby. She's very vocal when demanding anything. But lately she's been more quiet as she's figured out that food and cuddles are plentiful, so no more worries.
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Sphinx is the silent one - he only meows when he sees a bird, a rodent, or at the vets (who blames him there?). Ocassionally also when Kuce is coming into the kitchen when he was there First.

Kuce on the other hand has soft Meows but she talks alot (Kuce means Quiet one).
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OMG greycat2. Your Kuce looks so much like my Missy that they could be twins. Missy is a domestic long hair and we've been together for 13 years. Missy used to be quite silent but in the last couple of years she's become very vocal. It almost sounds like she's speaking English to me when she says "maaaaaama" etc. She vocalizes when she's looking for me, when she wants me to open the door so that she can look out. She even tells me after she's used the litter box. She also announces her presence after she gets up from a nap.
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