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Mentos Vomitting Update - Please Help

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After I posted this message, Mentos vomitted again, this time there is traces of blood, and no food


Mentos just got x-ray and bloodwork results back from the vet.

The X-Rays looks normal, there was nothing the doctor could tell that is of any concern. There was a dense part around the stomach, and he felt something hard in the intestines, but he said that it was probably stool, and the dense part on the stomach was only visible from 1 of the x-ray angles.

As for the blood and urine, the Urine has a high concentration of Protein, and he feels that's due to the concentrated sample, and the blood shows a slight decrease in protein (maybe kitty isn't eating?)

He is going to consult with a pathologist for more info, but so far, there is no explaining why Mentos is vomitting.

I have been rushing his food, and feed him canned as much as possible. Mentos fasted on Thursday for Xrays, so since Thursday night he has not vomitted UNTIL THIS MORNING!!! I was hoping it had gone away, but it didn't

When Mentos chews, he seems to be pushing food out from his left side of the mouth.... so bits and pieces of food are all of the ground after he eats. The Vet saw nothing wrong with his teeth or gum, so I wonder why he is doing that. Does he dislike the food? Or does he know there is something wrong?

When I feed him dry treats, stuff sometimes still fall out, but he would eat it up off the ground aftewards.... for his dry food, once it falls out of his mouth...he won't even touch it.

I'm just trying to give as much info as possible, I don't know what to look into and what not to... I'm just so worried...... Please help.
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Is he on any medication that could be upsetting his stomach? Try elevating his food plate a little bit (on top of a phone book works) this helps cats because they are gulpers and elevating the food bowl helps them relax their throat. As for his food falling out and him not touching it, that is actually pretty common. Cats can't see what is directly in front of them so if he drops food, he might not be able to find it.

As far as what is medically wrong with Mentos, that is best left for the vets to decide and try to figure out. Mentos could still have a mass in his stomach of something that does not show up on an x-ray. It sounds like your vet is still searching for the answers for you?

I do wish you the best with this, just keep Mentos eating however you can and make sure he isn't dehydrating from lack of fluids. Stay in touch with your vet as well to keep him on this.
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I have tried Elevating his food, and that's really not an issue, the vomit does not contain any chunks.

Mentos is not on any medication, but was on Antibiotices begining of Septembers for a injury. This is when it all began, but after 2 days of vomitting, I stopped giving him the antibiotics, I don't feel a side effect will last this long.

Mentos was always a very very clean eater, anything he drops he will clean up. When he drops stuff now, he will sniff at it, and won't eat it. Unless it's treats, he will always eat that. So he is purposely refusing the food. I really question if he is purposely pushing the food out of his mouth because something doesn't taste right to him.
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