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Funny Furry Faces

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What kind of funny facial expressions do your furkids use?

While we were living at my mother's house one evening I held Angel in my arms and walked into my mother's bedroom. Angel was relaxed and alert, and before I knew it she looked around the room, hissed, and then threw her head back, closed her eyes and grinned from ear to ear. Her head was moving back and forth--it was almost like she was doing a Ray Charles impression! Now, it WASN'T that flemen response that cats do--I've seen that one and I know what it looks like. This was more like, "Nah, nah, I'm with my mama and I'm feeling fine! I can hiss if I wanna!" She seemed to be very pleased with herself.

I know you guys have to have some stories about the faces your cats make. I'd like to hear from you!
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That is TOO funny! We had a cat that would torment the dog when she was in our arms.
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i really didnt think my boys had any expressions, but i took some pics. and my stripey sure does, it was so funny, i dont know what he was doing. i do think they look like they are smiling sometimes
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Ivo has what I call her kitty Elvis sneer. She's missing her left front canine, and sometimes it her bottom teeth on the left side catch her upper lip-so she'll look up and she's sneering on the left side. It's too funny!
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You know what amazes me, though? How cats can make those expressions with that kind of face. Doesn't seem possible.
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We swear Jules does a Michael Jackson impersonation sometimes. He basically draws a circle with his face in the air, marches in place and then walks sideways. We've seen him do this three times in his two years. It is hysterical. Of course, when we tell people this, no one believes us.
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I don't know, Jules looks like he's got dancing feet (or face). He also probably knows that nobody's gonna believe you when you tell them!
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