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Need a vacation from my life

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The past month has been rough. My hard drive crashed about 3 weeks ago(bad luck) it was still under warranty(good luck). It took me 2 weeks to get it up and running and all the software loaded. Loading fix packs and updates over dial up is lousy.

My husbands van broke down last week so he is using my car, then the car broke down. It’s in the shop right now being repaired. The van will have to wait for awhile.

Then yesterday morning one of my cats showed up for breakfast with blood dripping from her tail. (She had a fight with one of the other cats last week) After rushing her to the vet I find out she has 2 abscesses on her hind end. Got her home last night and I feel so guilty for not catching it sooner. I called to ask for pain meds for her this morning and they would not let me have any for her. I guess they have their reasons.

Then about a half hour ago I called a place I had a job interview with last week to check and see if they had made a decision. They had, I was overly qualified for the position. I really wanted and needed that job. I have been out of work for 2 years and I have a handicapped arm. The job was at a sheltered work shop working with their shipping supervisor. I was so disappointed. When the HR manager told me I was over qualified, I exclaimed "So take advantage of me and use my experience and knowledge" No such luck... I do not understand employers.. Why not get someone who has lots of experience and knowledge, and on the job experience and training????

I have decided I need a vacation from my life, or something, anything that will change how things are going. I would like just one week to go by with out something breaking, crashing, or getting injured. Not too much to ask for do you think?

On the upside I can finally get back to this site and brighten up my days again by reading all the wonderful postings, so I guess I am not too bad off.

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Sometimes it seems if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. Hang in there! It can't stay like this forever.

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I understand what you're going through. I'm recently married and I call my mother time and again and ask, "Is it really supposed to be this hard?" It seemed so much easier before I got married for some reason.

It will get better, though. You may have to just ride this out, but it will get better.

And I HATE the overqualified excuse. So what? Give me the darned job!


I hope you're feeling better.
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Trust me I agree completely, it seems like I'm going thru at least 3 breakdowns a day now. But it does help to have the people of this wonderful board to vent too.
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I am so sorry you are having a rough patch. Sometimes employers feeel if they hire someone who is over qualified they won't stay at the job long - it won't be challenging enough. I hope the kitty is better soon and that the job market is a little kinder to you.
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It sucks, but I think the employer figures if you're overqualified, you will run not walk when something that pays more shows up, since you're qualified for it. Sorry you're having such a rough time right now.
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Hope things get better for you. I can relate these days, I need a vacation from my life every day. Guess Ill tough it out
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I know how that feels... life sucks at times and they suck big time... keep that chin up and give yourself a good break and it will benefit you a whole lot...
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i guess everone has times like this, i know i do, maybe not the same things happening but just bad luck things happening, i guess we get through it hope your kitty gets better, poor baby, and i hope things brighten up for ya
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I'm sorry you're having a rough time. dougbug hit the nail on the head though. We all have those times! And they all suck! In the last few months my husband left, my engine in my car blew, I lost my job and the list goes on! Sometimes it's hard for me to get through. But I always do and you will too! Hang in there!
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what type of car was it?
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Hang in there.

I too got the over qualified reason from a job interview the other day. I'm looking for new work because my current job is driving me insane. Well two people I work with are. The boss and her fiancee. (Long story.) Anyway, today I got another interview and it looks promising.

Just a short story to let you know that there is something better around the corner, (even if it does at times it seems that turning the corner is takind a while). Things will get better.
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