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URI medications that work?

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I was wondering if anyone has any really recent data on Upper Respiratory Infection medicines that really work. I know this affliction can take weeks to settle down and clear out, but just curious as to what people are using across the country. Thanks!
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I wish there was a definate answer, but really the antibiotic depends on the symptoms and the virus. There's a good handful that are very effective depending on what you are treating.
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It does take a long time sometimes for an upper respiritory infection to go away, my Griffin came from the animal shelter with one at 10 weeks old and it took about 6 or 8 weeks for his to go away. He had to take 3 different meds before it finally went away. He really went through alot when I first got him.
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hmmmm, thanks for all this, it's interesting to know. Freddie has a mild URI, but his immunity is compromised due to the leukemia. For now, we changed the air filter in the house, he drinks lots of water, and are watching him closely, with updates to the vet. We didn't want to use any medication unless we have to, because we'll need to reserve meds until he really needs them. It seems to come and go, some days acute and then some days it's barely there. We have learned that when a kitten has leukemia the vrius "sheds" itself and shows up in a variety of ways, in his case a URI. Antibitoics might not even help, as he's viretic, not infectious, but I just was curious to what others might be using from experience.
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There is an antibiotic called Azithromycin/Zithromax that works really well on URI's. Interferon also works well to boost the immune system. Hope this helps!
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Thank you! I will call our vet first thing Monday and ask about these items. Bless you! BTW, our vet is French-Canadian, a wonderful young, bright woman by the name of Nicolle Boudreau, DVM. She actually calls us to check on Freddie if she hasn't heard from us in awhile - the entire clinic had a crush on him - but isn't that superior service? We are so so lucky to have her. I went to 2 other vets before driving now 1 hour to get to her.
Big thanks.
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Oh dear, I just now read your post on Purrfectcatlove's sick kitty problem... And it brought tears to my eyes, what you are having to go through with your Freddie. We just don't want to see our dear little pets suffer--and it IS so hard to see them get sicker and sicker. My kitty Spike is making me really nervous. He is a year old and is NOT feeling well at all, for the past month. I keep going back and back to the Vet's (changed Vet's like you, too!) So this week, am going in and having them run bloodwork. He has NO energy, and he was like Freddie, with jumping in the air and doing acrobats! --He even figured out how to turn on/off all the basement lights (they have pullcords) and it was SO hillarious!! He hasn't done that for a month now, nor does he seem to do much of anything he had been doing... So, to see what you are going through, made me feel so badly for you--and made me wonder if my Spikey is on the same path as Freddie? Oh gosh, I'm going to start crying again....
Hugs to you. I have lost other dear, dear pets before, and I know your pain...
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Thank you so so much, it means alot. I think you should have a simple blood test and CBC (complete blood count). They will scan the blood for a variety of "indicators" on the CBC and the blood test will be for specifics, like FIV and FeLV (what Freddie has). The CBC measures various blood cell counts and levels of infection or "intruders" into an otherwise healthy cat's system. It was the first test we had for Freddie in September when we knew something was wrong with him. He didn't jump for the frisbee and was "quiet".
It has been a heartbreaking 2 months....more so because I lost my best friend and best cat ever, SiSi, (Freddie's older brother's mother) very very suddenly on May 18 w/o warning. I have yet to come to terms with that loss. At least with this little guy I am prepared. Today we will find out of we can get a new antibiotic - a last ditch effort. I am not good at losing pets, as I can't have children, so I have fur. I have extemely close relationships with them. All of this happened after we moved to the new house. Had I known, I would NEVER have left the old one. The price to pay to live in the country has been way too high. Thank you for your wonderful note, I do need to find my strength somehow.
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