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Anyone Here have Rats as Pets?

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I went into the petshop today (never a good idea) and saw the sweetest rats. One in particularwas extremely tame, and i was really tempted to get her.

They've always facinated me, yep, even the tail, so i'm wondering does anyone here own rats or know of anyone who does?

Do they make good pets?
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i work with someone who has rats. i think they have got 4 of them. by all accounts they are really sweet and tame. they live in cages and they let them out to play in the evenings. I think they only live about 2/3 years and are prone to cancerous lumps from what i gather. They apparently make great little pets and are not nasty or smelly or anything like that
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I had a rat named Adonis. He was beautiful and he had the most awesome personality - really wonderful to have as a pet. I love rats - and yeah, the tails are fascinating!
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Ok, are they affectionate and intelligent as such?

Could i let them run around in a room? with the cats out of course!

I just have awful images of me running after them like i did with my old hamsters!
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Hi Jasmine- I have owned 3 rats, Jack,Jaffa & Sally. Infact I still own Sally. She's the most beautiful rattie on earth! and we let her run around with our cats & dogs but that's just us. They have never hurt her and they just sniff her! Ratties are cheap pets but have big hearts!
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The more i think about it, the more i'm leaning to go back tommorrow and get her!!!

She's not a baby, she's 16 weeks old, so is fully grown. Dont know if it would be better to get a younger one? ..... i mean a full grown rat.....

God i must sound mad!!!!
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I always wanted a rat but that is the only thing my mom is terrified about! So never got one growing up. Now I would probably choose a Dagu.
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Darrell and I had a couple of rats, Sneaker and Sleepy. They were a great couple of girls the lived two years.

My brother had a huge grey one that lived four! He would stay in your sleeve while you went to the mall and would only pee if he was put on grass.
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I had a rat as a teenager. I think they are great pets. They are smart and respond to you, and seem to like your company.
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