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Felix my Cat

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Hello, I`ve just joined the cat forums today,I`m 11 years old and my name is Jenna. I have a lovely black cat called Felix,he is 15 years old. Let me know how old your cats are and what there names are.

From Jenna
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Kittylove; Welcome to you and Felix!

Glad to have you with us. We may need to start a "Special Lounge" for our "Junior" members! :jarswim:

I have 6 indoor cats and 2 outdoor ones (I feed them daily and had them spayed)

They are:
Muddy Rivers 13
Handsome 7
Squeaker 6
Smokey 6
Bookey 5
MoMo 3

Cindy/Cindy ?
Morning Glory ?
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Kittylove - I'm really glad to have you here, but if you're under 12, you need to get your parents approval for joining (it says so when you register). Please email me for more details. I will need to fax or send you a form that your parents will need to sign and send back.

Sorry about the hassle, but this is what the COPPA act demands and I think it's not such a bad idea

For now, I will have to deactivate your membership for a while, until we sort out the parental consent thing.

Please email me at:
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Dear Anne

I bet that just broke your heart... I almost cried when I read it, but I totally understand your position. God love that little sweet angel! Isn't that just thrilling to see a youngster loving an animal so much!:daisy: I find that exhilirating...I truly do.:daisy:

God Bless Always,

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Hello Catarina
Thank-you for your beautiful picture of an angel
I think you are a really nice lady and God Bless to you also. As you can see I`m now a member of Cat forms, it`s great because I like to read nice letters like yours. Thanks again.

Love from
Jenna and Felix
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Hello threeleggedcat

Thank-you, I like the icons because I thought they were really funny. I like the names of your cats, I wish I could have that many I bet the cat called Handsome really is Handsome and I think all cats are adorable.

Love From
Jenna and Felix
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Hello and welcome to you Jenna and Felix!!!
My name's Billie and I have a cat called Eric! We are both very happy to have you here!
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Well, well, there she is!!! The angel! :angel2:

It's so good to see you made it back! How refreshing to hear what your thoughts may be here Jenna

I love your name and your kitty's name too!

My kitty's names are:
Opie: 1 1/2
He's an orange tabby with gold eyes
Sharky: 3
He's all gray (kinda blue) with sea-green eyes (if you look really close in the sun...he has stripes!!!!
Job: 2 1/2
He looks exactly like Sharky!!!! Even with the stripes and they're not brothers!
BrownBrown: ? Maybe 12
He's a MainCoone mix, I found him in the wild and he is a brown tortie with emerald green eyes.
Elvis: 6
He's a white kitty with gray splahes and he has blue eyes.
Ninya: 6 My only girl baby. She is a brown and white tabby, with yellow eyes. Oh, and if you brush her fur in the opposite direction, it looks all gold! She feels like a bunny rabbit!
Elvis and Ninya are brother and sister

Kittiieeeeeeeeeeeees are beautiful!!!
Aren't they

Well, I hope you stick around for a while! Nice to meet you sweetie!

Love &,

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Hi Jenna,

Welcome to the Catsite! I have 7 cats. They are:

Mollie Rose (age 7) a tortoiseshell female

Casey (age 6) a orange and white male

Marina Mar (age 3 1/2) a Turkish Angora wannabe - female.

Maya Laquita Linn (age 1 1/2) a Siamese mix rescued from Puerto Rico who I show in cat shows in Household Pets. - female

MooShoo (age 1) a Sphynx male (hairless) who I also shown in cat shows. - male

Little Mews Faberge (age 1) a calico Munchkin. - female

Carlie the Curly Girl (age 1 1/2) a tiger American Curl. - female

Glad to see you back and that your parents gave you permission. This is a great site and you'll meet lots of wonderful people here.

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Meow to you kittylove.......
WELCOME and please visit here often. You will make lots of good friends here!
I have 6 fur babies -
Baby is 14
Lumpy is 10 or so
Boots is about 8
Little Red is about 7
Noodles is 1 1/2
Ripley is about 4 months old. Ripley still has two siblings and a mom outside that I am attempting to trap!
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Hi Jenna and welcome to the site. I have two kittens.They are both about 5 mons. old. The male is named Rocky and he is black and white and the female is Gabby and she is grey and white. I look forward to hearing more about you and your Felix.
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Hi Jenna and welcome to the cat site!!
I have 3 kitties.

1. Nicky (black/white, green eyes)6 yrs

2. Muffin (Siamese/Tabby, blue eyes)5 yrs

3. Shasta (White, blue eyes)3 yrs

Do you have any pictures of your cats? Can you post them here? We'd love to see them. I would post my cat's pictures here, but my scanner won't work.

I noticed that you said you were 11, I'm just a few years older. Where do you live? I live in California, USA.

I love cats.

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Hi, Jenna, welcome to the cat site. I am glad your parents gave you permission to join. I have 7 cats...K.C. who is 11, Katie-7,Bear-3,Fritz-2,Smudge-1,Ferris-1 and Rocky who is 3 1/2 months old.
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Hi Catarina, thank-you for your pretty cat picture, the cat`s look adorable, I love the names of all your cats. I think the name Elvis is really cool My Mum likes Elvis Presley I`ll show you a picture of my cat when we get a scanner. I like the picture of you I saw in the picture gallery
It was nice writting to you again, take care.

Love from
Jenna and Felix
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To Billie,Donna, debra,Elinor, Kittylove2001 and Tiggytoes, thankyou very much for your replys, you all have great names for your cats and kittens.Kittylove2001, I live in Stocport, England, how old are you , if its ok to ask?

I really like it here at cat forum, you have all made me and Felix feel very welcome My felix looks like this pretty cat , I,ll show you some pictures when I can .My Felix is in the garden enjoying the sunshine. I also have 2 guinea pigs called Clover and Peachy and 7 goldfish,called flounder, areiel, Ronan, goldie,cleo , angel and flipper, but they are very safe from Felix
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Welcome Jenna! I have sixteen cats and three dogs. There names are

Princess - 10yr old Ragdoll
Nina - 9 year old Calico
Feather - 7 year old Black and White
Colby - 5 year old Orange and White
Cody - 5 year old Black and White
Emily - 5 year old Brown Tiger
Smudge - 4 year old Calico
Bailey - 4 year old White and Grey
Sammy - 3 year old Grey Tiger
Skylar - 3 year old White with blue eyes
Molly - 2 year old Calico
Amber - 1 1/2 year old Maine Coone
Madison - 1 year old Maine Coone
Billy - 1 year old Cream and White
Fiona - 10 month old Maine Coone
Nicolas - 4 month old Ragdoll

And I don't want to leave out my dogs!

Brandon - 8 year old Golden Retriever
Sarah - 3 year old mix of alot of breeds (two many to mention)
AJ - 1 year old Pit Bull/Lab mix

I really hope you enjoy your stay here

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Welcome Jenna!!

I have only 2 cats and 1 dog, not like my sister Michelerad who has 16 cats and 3 dogs.

Anyway my cats names are Socks or Socki (as I call him) 8 months old, he is black and white. And Chester 4 months old, he is an orange tabby.

Hope you enjoy it here.

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Hi Jenna,

I recently joined thecatsite too. I think it's a great place and the people here are soooo nice. We have 2 indoor cats...Spooky(all black) and Speckals(dark tortoise-shell). They are brother and sister and are 6 years old.

We recently acquired 4 more cats that someone must have dropped and they stay outside. There is a mom and her 3 babies. At the moment I can hear the kittens playing on our porch. We think the kittens are around 10 weeks old. We call the mom cat, "mom" and my daughters and I named the named the kittens....Tiger(dark brown tabby), Angel(light gray tabby) and Skitters(calico). Skitters got her name because she is the most afraid of us.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here!
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Hello, Jenna and Felix!

I have 15 cats, 11 inside and 4 that stay in the garage/outside enclosure:

Sammie, female tortie, 6 yrs
Max, male black with white patch on chest, 5yrs
Spikey, male orange tabby, 5yrs
Mickey, male orange tabby, 5yrs
Freckles, female Persian mix tortie, 7 yrs
Little Girl, female solid gray (blue), 7 yrs
Jessie, female calico, 3 yrs
Baby, female brown/black tabby, 1 yr
JR, male brown/black tabby, 1 yr
Polly, female gray tabby, 1 yr
Tigger, male brown tabby, 1 yr

Garage Cats:
Mollie, female brown tabby, ? yrs, maybe 2 yrs
Katie, female brown tabby, 5 months
Bobby, male brown tabby, 5 months
Annie, female brown tabby, 1 yr

They are all spayed/neutered except the youngest and they are going in next week when we get our tax rebate check.
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Dear Jenna & Felix! :angel2:

What a great warm welcome you're recieving I love that! Wow,it's amazing to see how many cats each of our members own...I had no idea that MicheleRad had 16 kitties! Not to mention a kitty named "Smudge"! I never heard that name before and as it turns out, TiggyToes has a kitty with the same name
Now, that's unusual.

Well, princess, I do hope you get a scanner soon so we can enjoy your little Felix here too.

It's great to see and we'll talk again soon sweetheart


PS...I didn't know you lived all the way over there! I live in Florida...My cats enjoy the sunhine too ...
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Hello Jenna and welcome to our family at The Cat Site! It's very nice to meet you and Felix.

Presently I'm keeping two cats:

Michaela Kristin, who is four years of age and has tortoise-shell fur; and

Tonya Robin, who is about the same age as Michaela and has black fur.

I'm so glad you've joined us here! I look forward to seeing a picture of Felix and hearing more about what you're doing.



P.S.: Below is a photograph of Michaela and Tonya sharing a bath towel, even though they've not taken a bath. They just like towels!
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michele Robin Gemini Jessica

Catarina:kitty5: and Mr Cat:homer:

Thank you very much for your replys, you have so many cats

I really like all there names I bet you have alot of cat food tins to open

My Felix has been inside today because of the rain,hes been looking out of his cat flap, to see if the rain has gone.

I,m really enjoing the cat forum, my mum looks at the forum, she says its full of great advice for Felix

love from Jenna and Felix
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Dear Catarina
Thank-you very much for your cuddley, cute picture. I`ve always wanted to got to Florida for a hoilday because of the beautiful sun shine. :daisy: I`m glad your cats enjoy the sun,Felix does too. You have made me feel really welcome in the Cat Forum Hope to hear from you soon.
Love From Jenna and Felix
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To Mr Cat
Your cat`s look really cute, thank-you very much for showing me them.My guinea Pigs Clover and Peachy love sitting on soft towels and they sit on my knee watching tv

Thankyou again, you are all very nice at cat forums
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Jenna, you are more than welcome!

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Hey there:angel2:!!!
It's so good to hear from you again princess How was England today??? Silly question huh? :laughing::laughing:

What grade are you in now Jenna? I can still remember when I was eleven...I think that was about a year ago.... (just kidding...I wish!) hahaha :laughing::LOL::laughing::LOL:

We have another member that is also from England. She is on holiday to the USA as we speak I do believe she said that she'd be here for two weeks. I don't think she was planning a trip to Florida though.

However, I think I would love to trade with you in a heartbeat for a visit where you lived for two weeks I've never been to England before; although my brother has. He loved it there.

I have a pup named India too, I forgot to tell you that. (I'm showing my age now) She's all black with a little white spot on her chest that's filled with black spots...I should've named her Spot huh?? :laughing: She's about 18 weeks old now...Big Baby! I'll have to get some photo's of her for you. She's a beauty too

Well angel, :angel2: I'm beat and getting ready to say my prayers and go to dreamland Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Hugs & kisses to You & Felix xoxox

Take care & say Hi to Mum

Love &

PS..I had to figure out what to send you and I was so tired,that I saved this posting and figured I'd go through my collection and pick something suitable for you today. I came up with this, I guess it's because I've always felt that England was so mystical in so many ways with your Royalty's and castles I hope you like it Princess KittyLove

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Hi Catarina
In England right now it is raining, what`s the weather like in Florida? I`ve not been to London yet but I will hopefully go soon. In September I`m going to a big school , my form is 7W, there are different classes for all the subjects and I might be doing French. My mum and dad are saving up for a scanner, so that I can send you pictures of me and Felix also picture of England. . I am now going Horse-Riding Lessons which I really enjoy, do you go horse riding? Looking foward to hearing for you soon.
Love From Jenna and Felix
:icecream: :pinky:
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Hi Jenna :angel2:

This sounds very exciting all this wonderful news. I would love to speak French! How lucky you are, it appears that your parents love you very much

I think all of the members here would love to see Felix! That's be wonderful when you can send them in. No rush though. We'll be here for a long time

I love to horseback ride, but I haven't in quite some time. I did meet someone that has horses, and we may go riding soon...possibly this weekend!

I won't have my computer for a few days, it needs repair (bummer) but, when I get it back, it'll be great to have it in proper running order...it's so sluggish right now! :laughing::laughing::LOL:

Well, :angel2: I better get going to bring this in...the sooner the better...

Take Care sweetie & I'll leave you another picture of Princess KittyLove

Love &,
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Hey Kittylove!! I also live in England - I live in Leicester, but Im not sure how near that is to you - Im not too good at geography!!:laughing:

I have five cats and they're called:

Boddington (a fat black boy )

Merlot (a fussy fluffy boy )

Shandy (a shy little girl )

Monty (a skinny black Cornish Rex with a pot belly!)

Brandysnap (a cute fluffy little Birman, who likes to follow you everywhere!!)

I can't post any pictures of my own cats, but I can show you some pictures that look like them if you want!

Talk soon

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Hi Catarina,

I will write in a few days, when you have your computer mended.

bye for now

love from Jenna and Felix


I really like the picture
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