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Thank you! Only 9 more times to go
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Originally posted by Sicycat
We wrapped Zoey up like a burrito and actually it was easy because she was already meowing (complaining) so I just stuck the syringe in her mouth and squeezed the antibiotic in there.....
I can't imagine Zoey ever going willingly into a burrito wrap! What I have noticed, when giving medicine to pets, is to take total control and do it really fast.

Usually people are too scared and spend to much time being 'afraid' of the procedure, which in turn makes the cats panic.

Right after Nakita was spayed, I had to give her an eye cream for 7 days . Now THAT, was not fun! I felt so sorry for her just coming from the surgery, having to wear the dreaded ecollar, and me putting
eye cream in 2 times a day for a week.

Glad Zoey took it so well.
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Oh jeez, poor Nakita Well I tried to do it as fast as possible, that's what the vet told me too. She slipped out of the burrito the first time, because I haddnt wrapped her neck.. so we got it right the second time and as soon as she opened her mouth to meow I stuck it in there and squirted. Of course, she will soon get wise and probly try to fight me more, but it has to be done.. no exceptions Miss Zoey!
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Here's a link to Nakita's first night home, trying to administer medication:

Nakita's first night home....

That's why most people know Nakita, because I was a total mess a year ago and they had to hold my hand! I was a blubbering emotional wreck!

(didn't mean to highjack your thread Sicy)

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Oh Sicy I know how much fun that is giving meds to the cats . But all I do now is scruff (sp) them on the neck and thats it . The first time it is always scary and remember being just like you very nerves . But now many cats later lol it goten easy on me . But some cats are very hard to give meds , I have those too . Oh well ...

I will for sure keep Zoey in my prayers that the test result will be good news to you
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Glad Zoey's going to be ok.

Hang in there Sicy and Zoey - you'll be ok.

Don't be surprised if she fights you on it. Sphinx sure does - especially with pills.He'll pretend to swallow the pills then we aren't looking he'll spit them out (food does NOT work - He knew the pills were in the food).

Good luck and keep us informed.

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Thanks.. that's why I decided on liquid. She gave me a choice and I felt that liquid might be easier as Zoey is smart and would probly spit pills out too.
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So Zoey had some pretty loose stool this morning. She got it all over herself.. what a mess

I just ran out to get canned pumpkin. She actually ate it right off the fork. She loves it. I hope it works.
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What were the results from the vet? Are the loose stools a result of the antibiotics?
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I havent gone to the vet yet.. a couple hours from now. Yeah the vet said she might have loose stools and/or vomiting from the antibiotics. I will let her know. No vomiting but the diarrhea was pretty bad. If she vomits I'm stopping the medication.
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Alright, back from Saki's vet visit. He got his Rabies and FVRCP, one on each leg, and they use Purevax for the Rabies. My vet said that she sees only maybe 2 cats a year that have a reaction to them so hopefully Saki will be ok. She vaccinates about 4 animals a day!

Zoey's lab results came back and it was as the vet confirmed, swollen lymph node. So she said just continue the Clavamox and check the lump in a few days that it should clear it up within a week or so. I told her about the diarrhea and she said its normal and that hopefully that might clear up too but we'll see I guess!

Hopefully I can go out tonite and relax now
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I am glad that it is nothing serious! Now go and relax tonight and have some fun! Zoey will be okay!
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Thanks Kellye
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Whew! Glad to hear the news, and thankfully she's eating the pumpkin, so hopefully that'll help.

Hope you have a good time at the party!
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Poor Zoey! giving meds is torture. and she probably hates taking them! how is Saki doing after the vaccination?
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That is great news Sicy , I am so happy for you . How did Saki do on his vacs ?
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I am so glad that Zoey is going to be fine Giving meds is a pain for us humans,claws and teeth, but it will make that girl feel much better.
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I am a happy camper right now. Zoey just went poop and its not diarrhea!!!!!!!! a little soft but perfectly formed ( ) so maybe the pumpkin did work!!

And Saki is doing just fine.. his normal playful running amuck around the house self

Although the meds are a pain in the butt.. as soon as I get the towel around her she meows so pathetically and tries to fight a little but I am still able to get all of the meds down and that's all I'm concerned about.
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Sicy how is Zoey today? I saw from your last post that the pumpkin has helped her diarrhea. Is the lump smaller or gone? Keep us posted on how she is doing
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Yes she went to the bathroom again today and it was soft, but still formed so that's good I think the pumpkin is helping. I felt for the lump even though the vet told me dont bother for at least 5 days so that I would really be able to tell the difference, but of course I cheated and felt it today. It does seem to be getting smaller
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5 more days of medication.. *sigh*
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meh.. Zoey threw up about 20 min after I gave her her meds tonite Man I finally got her poop near normal and then this happens. I hate this medicine. I wish I could stop it. I guess I should call the vet tomorrow and see what she says *sigh*
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yea , I hate giving meds to cats too . Maybe you need to give her now her meds again after she threw up ??? Just guessing here .
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Well I dont know. I dont feel comfortable doing that
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lotsa hugs for Zoey
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So.. Zoey didnt throw up since that one time Monday night. But then she started losing her appetite soon after. Wouldnt eat anything I offered her. I tried her favorite canned food, pumpkin, baby food, yogurt. She ate maybe a few pieces of dry food I hand fed her last nite. This morning when I gave her her meds I gave her a syringe filled with watered down canned food just so that she would have something in her stomach. It was really depressing me so today I called the vet and she told me to stop the meds. So I didnt give her meds tonite and she just ate a handful of dry food, some milk and a few treats so I was pretty happy about that. I would not normally give her milk but it was just a little and its liquid so I was willing to try anything. Her lymph node is still swollen though It's gone down quite a bit but I can still feel it. So vet says to give her 24 hours or so, see if her appetite comes back and check the node again tomorrow and if its not going down or getting bigger she wants to put her on a different med. I hate to do this because they all have side effects. But then we need the lymph node to cure so its like a catch 22 .. damned if I do damned if I dont.
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Sicy I am so sorry that Zoey is still not well . Maybe the new meds will help her . It is just like us human , I cant take Tylonol and get a medicine head from that and my husband has no problem with them . So it is pretty much the same with cats I think . One medication is helping one cat and a other cat it wont help at all . Maybe if you think that way it help you understand it a little better .
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It's time to look into homeopathic medications. They do not have any side effects, there are many for headaches, and cats can take them too. They are not dangerous like most conventional medications. They work with your body's own immune system to fight what is wrong. There are many books you can get to read about homeopathic medications.
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I dont think homeopathic medications are going to "cure" her problem.. possibly ease her discomfort but its not an antibiotic. It seems like homeopathics are more for easing pain, irritations, etc.
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I just spoke to my vet again to update her on Zoey. Zoey is eating again yay. Not as much as normal but much more than the last couple days.. so stopping the Clavamox has helped her to feel better.

I told the vet that her lymph node feels about 75 - 80% smaller than a week ago and she was happy to hear that. She sais that sometimes the infection part could be gone by now and it could just taper off on its own. I'm crossing my fingers on that.. positive vibes please!!

If it gets bigger again I will have to put her on a different med.. clyndimiacin which is her second choice. Her third choice is Baytril and supposably doesnt effect the eating as much but Baytril scares me.

I really like this vet. She is very thorough and very helpful. Both of the vets that I've seen there are.
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