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Here are all the boys hanging out in the sunshine for a mutual grooming session, of course Ceasar wanted to get his share of the grooming too
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They all finally relax and enjoy the moment
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aaawwww thank you all so much .

All pictures are to cute I love grooming pics .
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Sweet, sweet pics, everyone!!
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Haven't got a picture of it but one of my cats will groom the dog's ears every now and then. I've had the cats for 7 years, and brought in a dog about a year ago. One cat, Chelsea, accepted Sascha right away, the other cat, Punkin, took MONTHS before he quit hissing and slapping. And every now and then I catch Chelsea, who always mother hens Punkin (grooms him and cleans his ears), doing the same with the dog!
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I woke up this morning to my two fully grooming each other on my bed. They were so adorable...
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I sure hope my two girls learn to get that close. I've only had Zebra for a couple weeks now.. and her & Aiko are no where's near to grooming each other! They're still at that timid stage where every little move scares the crap out of them. (thankfully that's not "literally" - lol) ..

LOOOOVE the picture of hte boston terrier grooming. soooo sweet. I want a boston terrier sooo badly. Actually.. just a dog would do fine!
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Cool! I love this thread!! I also LOVE to see my cats grooming each other. It really melts my heart whenever I see them doing that. This is a pic of Zebra grooming one of my boys (can't tell if it's Spike or Buddy) as a kitten. It was the FIRST time I had seen Zebra grooming another cat! It's kinda hard to see the boy cuz Zebra was holding onto the boy and the boy was a TINY kitten at that time..

Also, Jacyln- u have a cat named Zebra like mine! I thought I was the only one with a cat named Zebra.. How did u decide on that name for ur cat?
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Here's a pic of Zebra with Pepper.. Pepper often makes the first move in grooming. She'd shove her head under Zebra's face to be cleaned or she'd reach out with her paw and try to pull Zebra down for grooming as u can see in this pic. Isn't it CUTE??? Sometimes Zebra isn't in the mood to groom so she'd try to avoid Pepper then get fed up and pin Pepper with a paw while doing some ROUGH grooming/biting. Pepper likes it anyway!
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Here's another pic of Pepper being groomed by Zebra while Buddy's watching..
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Another pic,.
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Another pic.. U can see Spike in the upper left corner- very unusual to have a pic of ALL FOUR so I had to point that out. As u can see, Zebra and Pepper tend to groom each other more often while the boys (Spike & Buddy) would groom each other. I can't find any pics of my boys grooming yet. I KNOW I have some...

Anyway, here's one more pic of Zebra and Pepper grooming..
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Winnie and Minnie a few months ago
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Been going back through the pics, and found this series with Cindy and Fawn...

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