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These are just too cute to hide in the Zoey & Saki thread!!

I never thought Zoey would accept another cat let alone groom him! My heart just melts when I see this.

If anyone has pics of their cats grooming each other post them here!
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aaawwww from me
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Zoey and Saki are so cute together.

Here are Majik and Indy Jones. In the last picture, Majik has his arm around Indy.

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Oh my gosh.
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Here are Pan and Silver giving their brother (Blondie) a bath...
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Zoey's just a big ol' mama cat! All of these pictures are adorable! Toes will sometimes groom Tailer, but she doesn't usually groom him.
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I love the grooming pics

Mom of 10 Cats , awsome pictuer and sooooooo cute .
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OMG! How sweet. She is like a little surregote (sp?) mommy to him!
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Yeah its funny though, the grooming part only lasts for a couple minutes and then its WRESTLE TIME!!!
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AWw those are so cute! My cats just aren't at that point yet! But as you saw in the Playtime thread, they're getting closer!
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Awww... What cute grooming pictures
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That is so sweet, how two shelter kitties can come together and get what they've always wanted--a family.. Awww.. Good job Sicy for bringing them together
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Thanks annabelle that's a really nice thing to say
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I just love seeing pics of your babies!
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Here's Sam starting to groom Bailey. If you look, you can see his little pink tongue. She loves it, just lies there with her eyes closed.
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And then trouble starts. Still grooming, but now you can see that he ever so sweetly has her head in a head lock. I didn't move fast enough to get the last picture, both cats rolled up rabbit kicking each other.
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These pics are all adorable!!!
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Originally posted by Sammie5
And then trouble starts.
LMAO aint that the truth
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Oh, all the grooming pics are sooooo adorable!
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We have interesting grooming issues at our house. Ophelia likes to snuggle, sometimes when Trent does not want to. She will push her little way right up to him. Well, this can be quite annoying to Trent and he used to start chewing on her to get her to move. Of course, she would squeal and he would get in trouble. No more chewing on Ophelia....

So Trent came up with a new tactic....he grooms her - backwards. He knows he can't get in trouble for it. He just grooms her little head going against the grain and it drives her NUTS! LOL Works about 50% of the time to get her to move. Sometimes she gets the last laugh and just leans her head back and enjoys it.
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awwwww those pics. are soooo sweet, my boys groom one another sometimes but not to often
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I had to show this one
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OMG Hedi.. Is that your Boston Terrior.. That is so darn cute!
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Yes Sam This is my rescue Boston Terrier Toby does that all the time with Marquise and finaly I got a good pic
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Yes Sam This is my rescue Boston Terrier Toby does that all the time with Marquise and finaly I got a good pic
OMG The dog's tongue is as big as the cat! Too cute!

Cute pictures everyone - Keep them coming!
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absolutely the cutest!
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