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Well my Jordan has acne. My boys are going to the vet on wednesday for their first check up so I will talk to him or her about it. However, I was wondering if anyone knows that this can be an on going problem. What I mean is it possbile this is going to be a problem for him for the rest of his life? They did have plastic bowls for thier first 3 weeks here, now they have ceramic bowl. Jordan has a white chin & I've noticed at the shelter that the cats with the white chins seem to be more prone to acne. or maybe it's just that it's more noticble. At any rate anyone have any experiance with this?

On a differnt note. the shelter has some yellow stuff that help stop bleeding when a cat cracks a claw. Is this something I can get at a store? Jordan had this happen last week & his claw didn't bleed too much so i wasn't worried, but I'd kind of like to have it around in the future just in case. Or is this another one of those things that once happen once he's been with me for long enough to over come any nutritional defficinces he may have had before I got him?
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Acne can also be caused by stress. You can wash the cat's chin with peroxide and warm water, and be sure you wash your bowls out daily. The cats drag their chin across the bottom of the bowls and that can pick up bacteria and cause chin acne.

You should, if you clip claws, keep a septic pencil on hand in case you cut the quick. You can find one at any drugstore.
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Thanks again Hissy. I'm so glad you know all this. I'm like a mom with a brand new baby every little thing worries me.
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I had one cat go through a short period of acne on his chin. I was told to use alcohol to clean the area (per oxide should work too) and then use some Neosporin (triple antibiotic gel) on it. I did. It seemed to not help for a while but it has cleared up completely and no traces of it any more. (and he had MORE than the black heads. It was bad)So I do not know if what I did helped, or if it just cleared up on its own.

And the yellow "stuff" is called Quik Stop, and it stopes nails that bleed instantly.
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I had a little tortie that used to get this - my vet called it 'rat lip' which I was never that sure about! She used to scrape her chin across her bowl and rub into dirt and thats probably how she got it. The bowls are put through the dishwasher. It looked pretty unpleasant but i dont think it did her much harm though. I used to bathe it with warm water and put ointment on from the vet and it cleared up in no time. When the chin fur came off she looked a bit odd! My tulip sometimes gets a mild attack from time to time that seems to clear on its own.
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