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older cat less playful now?

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We have an 11 month old cat, Eddie. About 7 6 weeks ago, we adopted a 7 week old kitten, Oscar. The 2 took some time to get used to each other. We introduced them slowly, kept them apart during the day when we weren't home, etc. etc.

They seem to get along fairly well now. They play and wrestle, or more accurately, Oscar plays and Eddie tolerates him. My worry is this:

Before we got Oscar, Eddie was very playful---he would play fetch with his foil balls, chase the strings on our shoes, etc. Now, he is extremely lethargic. I'll toss a toy, and he'll just look at me like, "Are you kidding???" So...is this something to worry about, or is it just the kitty teenage years? Is he just worn out by his new little brother? He is eating and drinking normally, as far as I can tell (just switched him over to adult food).

Oscar is on meds (as of tonight) for an upper respiratory infection (sneezing, stuffy nose, etc.) but Eddie has no symptoms, so I didn't take him in. Should I have taken him??

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Keep a close eye on Eddie over the next week. He could develop symptoms. Upper respiratory infections are quite serious and with Oscar sneezing, it can easily spread. I would also keep them separated until Oscar has recovered to prevent the spread of infection and then re-introduce them again. It might sound like more work, but it's better to have one sick cat, rather than two sick cats.

About the playfulness, it could be that Eddie is adjusting to the change. It takes time with how cats adjust to change and it's different from cat to cat. And given the extra playtime that he now has with Oscar, he could be worn out. If he's eating, drinking, urinating and pooping as normal, there shouldn't be any need to worry.
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I just see this thread .
If I would be you I would make a apointment with the vet right away . He could have a fever and you would not know it and the longer you wait the longer you may have to deal with the health problems . Usually a cat with 11 month should not change like that how your Eddie has . Cats who are sick start to hide , slow down and getting lethargic . So your cat sounds to me that he needs to see a vet right away . Please call in the morning your vet .
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