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ok gang,I've asked you other questions before so here goes another. we want to go out of town for an overnight. we're afraid to leave Clarise by herself for fear she might go bananas. We hate to put her in the vet's and have noone to look after her. What would be the best way for her well-being?
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If it's only overnight, your cat should be fine with plenty of food, water, and a clean litter box.

I've gone away for as long as 3 or 4 days in this fashion.

Your cat will miss you, but ultimately be better off at home missing you than overnight at the vet. At least the things familiar to her will be there. Nobody's spending the night at the vet's office with her, and she'll be caged.

Leave a t-shirt or something with your scent too (something you've sweated in).
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Like Deb25, I, too, have gone away for up to 4 days and my cats were better off in familar surroundings. They made me PAY DEARLY for leaving them (ignored me and got into mischief for several days after I returned). BUT
All in all they were okay.
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Well as others if it is overnight they should be fine.
I have left my cats for 3-4 days at a time. I put lots of water and food out with a clean kitty box.
Of course they look at me all confused wondering why there is so much food out. I then give my key to my mom or my best friend and she just comes and checks on them. By that time they are really mad at me for leaving.
I would rather leave them in a familar setting then to upset them for they are going to be upset you are gone but having familar suroundings seems less stressful on them. Then when I get home they tell me all about it and I show them how much I missed them too.
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I agree with the others here - they should be fine, but if you're really concerned, do you have a neighbor, or relative that could just go check on them while you're away?

Im sure they'll be just fine and you'll be greeted with looks of disgust and shame when you return (just to make you feel that little bit worse for leaving them in the first place)!!!! ahhhh ever loyal cats...don't you just love 'em!?! :laughing:

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I just don't recommend leaving town around Christmas time when you have a tree up with lots of ornaments from your childhood that you cherish! (I did this, no longer have those ornaments! I guess the cat was MAD!)
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